Movers & Shakers – Round 11

Written by The Salamander on May 30 2019

Player Name (Club, Price, Average, 3-Round-Average, 5-Round-Average)


Heath Shaw (GWS, $507,800, 88.2, 110.7, 106.0)
Have the reports of the veteran Giant’s irrelevance been greatly exaggerated? After a slow start to the year, Shaw has since gone bang, with scores of 104, 94, 144, 103, and 85 over the last 5 weeks.

Brodie Smith (ADE, $438,300, 88.9, 77.3, 85.8)
Coaches who started with him will have been thrilled with the way he started the year. The last few weeks… not so much. He’s unlikely to be the weakest link in too many teams at this stage, but I’d be looking to move him on in round 14, if you haven’t already done so.


Josh Kelly (GWS, $645,500, 122.1, 144.3, 129.2)
Wow. He’s been great since returning to the side in round 3, although the last 3 weeks have been particularly impressive, with scores of 154, 131, and 148. At nearly $650K, he’s very expensive, but if you’ve got the cash, he’s surely somebody you would want to have in your team.

Stephen Coniglio (GWS, $477,500, 95.2, 79.3, 89.0) – injury
Not so wow. Injuries have been a factor, but apart from a 154 in round 1, Cogs hasn’t been having a great year from a SuperCoach standpoint, and his last three games have been particularly poor, with scores of 87, 75, and 76. If he can find some form, he could be a great value option for the back half of the year, although keep in mind that he’s always been somewhat injury-prone – is that really a risk you want to be taking into the business end of the season?


Brodie Grundy (COLL, $683,100, 130.2, 150.0, 138.4)
Not content with being the no. 1 ruck in the competition, Grundy has decided to go and give himself a whopping three-round-average of 150. What more can I say? If you don’t have him yet, that’s something you need to address over the byes.

Rhys Stanley (GEEL, $446,400, 86.3, 65.7, 89.0)
As predicted in this very column 4 weeks ago, the big Cat’s good run of form has come to an end, with scores of 73, 60, and 64 over his last 3 games.


Rory Lobb (FWD) (FRE, $478,000, 90.9, 109.3, 97.2)
With two 120+ scores in the last three weeks, Lobb has been having a good run lately. With Sean Darcy still out of favour, the Dockers’ no. 1 ruck could be a good option if you’re looking for swinging ruck cover in the latter half of the season.

Travis Boak (PTA, $515,400, 110.0, 87.3, 98.6)
After starting the year in some of the best form of his career, Boak has since had a bit of a quiet patch, with two sub-80 scores in the last three weeks. He should dip further in price over the next week or two, so he could be one to target following his round 12 bye.

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15 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Round 11”

  1. I’ll be movin’ for Kelly and shakin’ Boak if he starts showin’ some form. Maybe not!
    JKelly this week
    Macrae after 12
    Hurn and TKelly after 13
    That’ll leave me with 10 trades and Hore the only rookie on field.
    Now let’s wait for the carnage and these plans to go to 5h1t!


    1. Really allsaints..

      J Kelly now at his price ?

      Thats a one way ticket on the ..I Will Never Make It To Full Premo Train.

      Remember Buy low and sell high.


  2. Just wondering if Heath Shaw’s scores have been helped by the fact Whitfield and now Williams have been out in the last few weeks?
    I haven’t seen any of the GWS games so not seen if he playing a different role, but does seem like a coincidence?

    Smells a bit like Admiral Ackbars favourite saying…….


      1. He wasn’t bad early actually ( Heater )

        Finlayson going forward seems to have helped him this year.

        Lets not write off the Old Dogs just yet….

        Simo last year.. and Hurn, Mundy and Boak this time around are proof of that!


  3. Thanks Jack.

    My 2 cents on Lobb..

    He faces Grundy / Bye / Gawn in the next 3 weeks.

    I can see him being a Shaker by R 15/16.

    Could be a good F6/7 Ruck cover late.


  4. Damn
    Was hoping danger was out till his bye
    Might have eat some humble pie & bring him back early
    @ 471k & a BE of around 65 I think
    He is hard to ignore this week
    Even as a top 10 fwd
    Could go a Str8 swap
    Rocky to danger
    & pocket 6k
    Means probably getting kelly after his bye



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