MRO Rd 23

Written by Chaos Theory on August 22 2022

Cam Rayner was charged with a dangerous tackle on Ben Brown and was suspended for one week.

In the first quarter, Rayner pinned Brown’s arms, swung him around and slammed him face first into the Gabba turf.

Brown had to leave the ground with a bleeding nose and bruised face but returned in the second quarter.

The Match Review Officer assessed Rayner’s rough conduct charge as careless contact, medium impact and high contact which draws a one-match sanction.

Noah Answerth received a one-match suspension for striking Neal-Bullen, with his second-quarter incident ruled intentional, body contact and medium impact.

Dayne Zorko will not face any further sanction from the club following “inappropriate comment” he made to Melbourne defender Harrison Petty.

“I have apologised to Harrison for the inappropriate comment I made to him last night,” Zorko said in a statement.

“I’m remorseful for my actions and take full responsibility for the hurt caused to Harrison, his family and the Melbourne Football Club.

“In reflection, I understand I need to be a better leader, and have spoken with the Club who have reinforced this.”



# Danny Daly, Brisbane’s GM of Football, said on Monday the club is a strong chance of challenging at least one of the decisions at the Tribunal this week.

“We’ve been working with our advocate over the weekend on both cases to see if we’ve got any room to challenge,” Daly told RadioTab.

“(We) hope to challenge both … probably Rayner’s about 70-30 (chance of) challenging and Noah’s 60-40. It just depends what avenue we can go down to challenge them on.

“You don’t want to challenge when you feel you’ve got no chance and it’ll cost the club money and it’s not worth it.”


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  1. Brisbane will challenge the ban handed to Cam Rayner ahead of its elimination final against Richmond



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