Next Big Rookie Defender?

Written by Duck on May 22 2013

OK, we’ve got a few new blokes to look at in our backlines.

Jackson Thurlow, Geelong, DEF, $124,500, played 2 games, averaging 81.

Brent Staker, Brisbane, DEF / FWD, $128,000, played 1 game, scored 73.

Jimmy Webster, St Kilda, $115,900, DEF, played 2 games, averaging 59 (last round was 85).

Out of these 3 blokes, who do you think everyone should get on, who’s going to shine out of these 3 in the coming weeks? You can only pick 1.

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24 thoughts on “Next Big Rookie Defender?”

  1. Ok I picked Thurlow cause he’s looked excellent in both his games. But I will have all three by next week in my side. I picked Thurlow last week out of necessity, Webster for Stevenson this week and Neade for Staker in my forward line next week.

    I liked the fact that Webster scored so well from limited disposals due to his disposal efficiency.

    I like Staker’s JS and hardened body but I feel he will dish out Macaffer type performances and scores.

    Thurlow looks a player. Calm, composed and hit a couple lace out to the forwards also running from half back.


  2. None of my def rookies are fully matured (goodes, terlich, laird), i want to get thurlow but it would be at the cost of goodes, is it worth it?

    T/U – Yes
    T/D – No


  3. Keen to get him in but who do I trade out.

    T/U – Stevenson
    T/D – Pittard

    Already have Goodes, Terlich, Laird and Luke Brown.
    Leaning towards Stevenson as even though Pittard’s a while away he still has the ability to generate more cash than Stevenson from this point. Also, have Vlastuin in the mids for extra cover.


  4. Ok after two days drinking in Hong Kong to down the pain of performances over the last two weeks, back on board to try and fix this team.
    It is like the Hawks of 2009 looks great on paper, even the SC scores predict it to win prior to the bounce but never deliver.

    Terlich – Thurlow
    This I just have to do to get cash for my midfield
    Backs: Goddard, Heppell, Shaw, Waters, Hartlett, Goodes (Staker Thurlow)

    Mayes – Watson

    Mids: Ablett, Selwood, Watson, Murphy, Danger, Hodge, Omeara, Kommer (Crouch Rampe).

    Please boys can you all deliver one week PRETTY PRETTY please.


  5. Hey Guys,

    Long time reader, first time writter… Love the site and brilliant write ups each week, great stuff

    Ill be bringing in Thurlow this week, but bringing Staker in next week through the forwards purely for bench cover, as there just doesnt seem to be any downgrade / rookie options coming through the forwards… Staker offers a bit more coverage down that end of the ground


  6. Staker next week into the forwards is my plan. Are there any good DEF / FOR DPP’s to match him up with? Other rookie DEF / FOR DPP’s would be great as from memory there was only really Bock, Watts & the burn man who went from Freo to GC.


  7. Need to free up some cash to trade Thomas to Watson.
    I have 96k in the bank and already have Thurlow my backline.

    T/U Mayes > Staker
    T/D Goodes > Webster

    Or if you have any other suggestions please help me out and comment.



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