Poll: Cogs & Ryan

Written by JimmyDee on May 18 2022

A lot of support for polls on underperforming players who were potential keepers not so long ago. Two such players are Stephen Goniglio and Luke Ryan, although with vastly different ownership with 74% for the GWS skipper and 6% for the Docker defender.

Stephen Coniglio
Cogs’ move forward has coaches running scared with a three round average of just 71 which included a 108 in a training drill against the tri coloured witches hats at Adelaide Oval, which was his only ton since round three.

He’s made his owners $167,900 despite dropping $22k last week and still has a semi respectable average of 88.2 so do we take punt on the new coach playing him where he should be playing, or do we cut our losses and use the money to find a way to better serve our teams? He is projected to lose $38k.

Is it time to part ways with Stephen Coniglio?

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Luke Ryan
Ryan’s role has been the subject of some changes and appears to be slipping away from that free drifting interceptor role that is so SC friendly. An 86 average is not what we paid $540,300, and a three round average of just 66.7 and price drop of over $106k is less than ideal. With a break even of 117 he is a chance to lose more cash this week. Likely a lot of you brought him for his R14 bye and this is causing anxiety. Despite this, he is the 32nd ranked defender and those coaches with him are asking “do we keep him”?

Is it time to move Luke Ryan on?

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14 thoughts on “Poll: Cogs & Ryan”

  1. Think we are missing the “poll” element to the thread – good questions though!


  2. R12 bye helps my decision to trade Coniglio, especially as we should be able to upgrade Daicos, SDK, McCartin types to Bont/Bazlenka in the FWD line in R14.


  3. I think I’m holding both.

    Ryan is bound to pump out a big one the week I trade him and he’s one of my few players with the late Bye. He at least gets a reprieve until then.

    Cogs is a harder one. He was basically a cow like object so should really be traded like one with that huge BE. WC this week, and a new coach coming in make for a much harder call.

    If you Already have Clark and own Steele I can see you trading Steele and Cogs for two solid Premo’s that improve your Bye structure. I’m giving both Cogs and Whitfield one more week before deciding on their future.

    I don’t blame anyone for trading them this week either.


    1. FT you’ve nailed exactly what I’m doing, Ryan will unfortunately continue to stink up my team.

      I was looking light on r12 and now with trading Steele and cogs my side will be pretty well balanced across all bye rounds.

      Ryan will go r14 assuming I have the cash to a docherty or Stewart.


  4. Happy for Ryan to be that D7/loop come finals time, he’s lost too much cash to make a viable trade to anyone and will probably punch out a few big scores before the season’s out, just need to manage how to loop him with so many Sunday games.


  5. Does anyone still have all Whitfield, Ryan, Butters and Cogs??

    Tu Yes…..are things still going to plan??
    Td No……what made you change your mind??


    1. I started with all but Ryan. Butters and Cogs are still in my side but will be lucky to make it to the weekend.


    2. I’ve got all of them, plus Martin who needs to go. My plans:

      Whitfield: hold. The most likely to benefit from a new coach as he can go either wing or def and improve his role.

      Ryan: likely trade. There’s only so many players you can trade out in one round. If you have three other players you intended to trade at R14 anyway – say Daicos, Cameron & MacDonald – then cash out Ryan now. He’s 150 came off 30 touches – won’t happen again. Daicos is outperforming Ryan, therefore Ryan is the rookie in this scenario, and should go first.

      Butters: hold. Not a top 10 forward but he’ll put up back-to-back good scores or a 140 at some point and you can flick him at his peak.

      Cogs: easy trade. If you’re holding simply in hope of a 150 against WCE, that’s a very low percentage play. Someone will go large against the Wet Toast, but there’s about 6 players I’d have in front of Cogs.



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