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Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on August 8 2020

Apologies for the late post, but I just thought I’d slap together a quick poll on what to do about Big Maxxy. Left a lot of coaches conflicted; with some looking to press the attack and flick him, and others holding fat. So, coaches:

What to do with Gawn?

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29 thoughts on “Poll: Gawn”

  1. To answer my own question, I’m holding. For those thinking they should trade him and look for an edge in points, remember the following things:

    – It’s best 18, so you can probably absorb one less score this round
    – He’ll apparently be back next week
    – Anyone you trade him to has problems of their own long term, no one is even close to Maxxy this year and you’re kidding yourself if you think you can just “bring him in back in later”
    – And you’ve just got to be preserving trades in the rush to get to full premo imo

    So, yeah, a hold for me. Best of luck to those who press the attack.


  2. If you are playing for ranking and can trade him and upgrade elsewhere as well, and go into next round still with 10 trades, is it viable?

    240 BE when he plays next, and in all honesty, still probably carrying a slight injury in his shoulder region. Say he scores 140s upon his return, he will drop 50k before he rebounds again which prices him at 670k…

    With 125s over the next two weeks for Goldy he goes up 10k to 590k. Goldstein plays Luke Jackson and Tom McDonald tomorrow (so should score above 125), and then goes up against Brisbane (who against English, Gawn, NicNat and O’Brien conceded an average of 126.5) – so with more than 125, he may go up at a max 20k to 600k.

    The above puts him 70k behind Gawn.

    Gawn going to Goldy gives you 143k in the bank, let’s Gawn ride out his injury woes and let’s coaches see if it’s going to affect his scoring or if he even is back when Goodwin says he will be. Bring Gawn in when he is at his lowest, means you get a net profit of 73k for Gawn to Goldy, but importantly gives you time to assess Gawn’s situation and gives you scoring to keep up with or leapfrog the competition…

    By God, I think I talked myself into Goldy.


    1. Im tending towards trading. In a compressed season, he could well miss more than one game, or at best not be his usual self. Goldy could score anything this round.
      This situation highlights why trades should be held right up to game time if possible.


  3. All valid points GD … BUT, here’s a few more to consider:

    – average and value dont really count right now – its total points scored that will win it! So far, Maxxie, played 9 for 1270, Goldie played 10 for 1250 – Goldie playing this week will put him ahead of Maxxie … but in theory, Maxxie a game again to catch up
    – this isn’t a normal year, and depending on how many ‘premos’ you have and have left to get, if trading Maxxie to Goldie this week also allows you to bring in another premo, then you are further ahead
    – Maxxie has not looked right for the last few weeks – has a 240 BE the next time he plays and IF he comes back round 12 its against Grundy – they usually cancel each other out well if my memory is correct. Goldy plays the lions that week.
    – Good chance Maxxie misses more than this next round, in which case, chasing OA you are getting further ahead … if not, good chance Goldie outscores maxxie anyway and Maxxie loses a truckload … making him easier to bring back in down the stretch …
    – as long as planning for bringing him back in and with about 100K maybe needed, its a good play I think.

    That said, and as FD says, no guarantees! This is crazy season, and these team drops every day and no idea whether players will be named or not make it mean you have to take risks!!

    Just my thoughts everyone!!


  4. For anyone with 14-15+ Trades it’s a auto-trade right? Could be a hold if you’ve got like < 11-12 and not playing for o/a.


    1. I don’t think Essendon will name Draper this week, seems a good time to give him a rest and bring in belch who’s had his. Draper will be straight back in the following week though so not to stressed. That’s just my opinion, could be wrong, but as an Essendon fan I’d be very disappointed to see us risk him again since he’s coming back from an ACL injury.


      1. Tippi.

        Bellchambers played last week, and the week before.
        Draper showed no signs of injury and attended the most CBA’s of the ESS Rucks.
        Draper is the next” big thing ” @The Bombers.
        Why would they rest him when they are trying to get games into him ?

        I think they play him.

        Maybe they share the Ruck a bit more, or they manage his time on ground. But…..

        He plays for mine either way.


        1. Belch didn’t play In our last match against the Giants mate, was rested and will definitely be brought back in this week. It’s possible we bring him in for Mckernan instead of Draper. But I suspect given the condensed fixtures, we are going to have to rest Draper at some point, either this week or next week, 50/50 on that one but I’m thinking it’ll be this week after playing 2 in a row since returning from an ACL. We play saints in two weeks time who play two ruckman, so I suspect if we are tossing up between playing Draper against Gold Coast or saints, it’s going to be the saints. Just my thoughts.


          1. Sorry Tippi.

            I have Bello in my Draft side I was sure he had played.
            With all these crazy fixtures it’s hard to know what’s up and whats down.

            Thanks for the heads up on the potential “rest”

            I ( unfortunately ) didn’t start Gawn.

            It will NEVER happen again.

            My Rucks this year have been, wait for it , Drum roll please….

            Naismith, Sauce, Pitto, Ryder and now Draper.

            I just( yesterday ) traded Ryder with his huge BE to Titch. ( Can’t reverse now )

            I wanted to keep him and try to get to Max. I just don’t have the time to wait. If Max isn’t playing he can’t lose enough money to be gettable.
            I’m also not paying over $700K for someone who’s not 100% fit.

            I was planning on keeping Draper @R2 for a few weeks through the Byes. ( best 18 anyway )
            Then get to the best available Post Bye Ruck.
            At this stage maybe Nic Nat ?

            Oh, also If I did own Gawn I would seriously consider going to Nic Nat.

            Fresh off a rest he faces Pitto in Perth.
            It will be a slaughter. I expect 140+
            With a BE of 64 he could make some pretty decent cash as well. High risk high reward.

            Food for thought anyway.

            I’m going to try to find a way to get him in as It seems I may not be able to rely on Draper when it returns to best 22 next week.

            Thanks again for the heads up.

            Good luck today!


            1. Definitely a wait on Gawn. When he returns from injury he will have a break even of 240 and is highly likely to drop $60k+. Look to bring him in then if you can. I have him but am highly considering trading him out for Goldy or now Nic Nat (thanks for the advice) and then getting Max later when he and his break even are looking more healthy. Very tough decision, going to come down to whether I need the extra points to get me over the line this week, and more importantly if I have enough trades for the rest of the season. Bringing in Titch is a great move though and if Draper doesnt play this week its only best of 18 scores and he will be back next week anyway.. If im you, im hoping Draper doesnt play this week, because if he does he certainly wont the following and you wont have the best of 18 scores to save you.


              1. Cheers Tippi.

                Thanks for the discussion.

                I’ve just made the bold move of sideway’s trading

                Yeo to Nic nat.

                It cost me $8k but there BE’s are miles apart.
                I think Yeo will spend a heap of time on Cripps today. I’m also really not sold on him as top 10 /12 Mid either. T Kelly , Shue and Gaff ahead of him just at the Eagles !

                This move’s another DPP to the Mids ( two now)

                This has “finished” my Rucks.

                I will still have rookies at..
                D6 McKay / Rivers
                M8 Pickett.*/Starc.
                F6 Rankine.

                Next rounds trades are planned as..

                Sturt to Woodcock.
                Pickett to Wicks
                Starc to Z.Williams or Simpkin +$

                Williams “finishes” my back line.

                Simpkin can stay at M8 or finish my Forward line if I think Wicks can hold M8.

                I guess we shall see.


                1. Nic Nat’s next 3 games v.

                  Blues . Pitto
                  Hawks. Big Boy / Ceglar.
                  GWS. Mummy / Sauce.

                  Gawn ( out) then next 2 games v

                  North, Goldie (out)
                  Pies. Grundy
                  Dogs English.

                  Thats as far as the fixture takes us at this stage.


  5. Here’s the match ups for Gawn V Grundy the last 3 years …
    Gawn V Goldy
    2019 – Round 21
    99 V 86
    2018 – Round 12
    76 V 98
    2017 – Round 23 and 12
    rnd 23 Gawn didn’t play
    Rnd 12 – 67 V 116

    So, against each other, they dont score well … if history prevails, Gawn should drop a lot of cash if he only misses this round … and will carry a big BE again the following week … he should be easily reachable again …

    Just some more to think about … it’s a great poll and an interesting option … either way!!


    1. Oops that should read Gawn V Grundy – but I think everyone got my facts anyway! Too late at night last night!


  6. I went Gawn to Goldy last year when Gawn went down as an aggressive move and I was in the top 100 it severed me really well but was never able to get Gawn back or found reason to offload Goldy again and Gawn made it all back in last round Gawn has a ceiling like no one else so I would hold Being so close to finals for cash leagues aswell I wouldn’t want to go head to head with Gawn and the potential captain score he could give aswell


  7. Vice Captained Bont (138) last night instead of Neale (167) for some strange reason. Opponent had the VC on Neale. Wondering if I should loophole Bonts score as I would usually take a score of 138, or take a risk as my opponents VC has already out scored mine. Our projected scores are almost identical. My decision is also complicated by the fact there doesn’t seem to be any obvious captain option from here, bar maybe grundy if he plays?

    TU – Take Bonts score
    TD – Captain Grundy or comment suggestions.


  8. Wow, the game has changed so much this year! The idea of contemplating trading out the super Uber premo of the game for missing just one game is unheard of.
    This round is best of 18. We can absorb Gawn absence for a rookie score. (Fyfe owners had to endure that)
    When you are thinking of trading him out, you are actually wasting 2 trades, unless you are not bringing him back in. And if we still value a trade to $150k, is Goldy or anyone else going to make you that $300k money? they could also throw you a stinker too.
    I am an optimist. He played the game out bcoz his injury wasn’t that bad. Therefore I will join GD and others and I am holding Gawn. I would rather use the 2 trades to improve my D6 and F6. Having said that, People trading him out will have points advantage for this round, and that could make or brake their season with only 6 rounds to go. Sliding doors…


    1. Strongly agree that it is completely ridiculous to be considering trading Gawn out. But there are a ton of valid reasons to support the idea and I cant believe it’s something I am actually considering. To answer one of your questions, No, Goldy isnt going to make $300k, but with his next 2 matchups (Melbourne with no Gawn and Brisbane) its very possible he makes $60k+. Additionally, with Gawns breakeven of 240 when he returns, its possible he drops $60k+ in the same time, thats a $120k swing and definitely something to consider. Comes down to whether or not you have enough trades to make it happen. sliding doors alright.


    2. As I read the thread, I was changing my opinion every couple of posts. Then Jeannot nailed it. 2 trades to get back… The Dream is $150k per trade but even at a more realistic $100K per trade and the impact that has on building a team seals it.

      Trading Cameron down to Draper (even having missed his first increase) assuming Cameron isn’t playing and Draper is.

      I think Draper is a chance to score towards 85 after sharing with Bellchambers in game 1 then basically not scoring in the first half of game 2. History shows that’s what a ruck can do even early in career.

      Should earn his place in top 18 of My scorers. Should make me some cash. Save trades.


  9. Absolute good points Tippa. Not right or wrong answer. Depending on your risk taking or aversion. Damned if you do, Dawn if you don’t. But I need to have him for the head to head in my cash leagues. I am not going to improve on my the Overall (an understatement , after my Dees + Bombers strategy failed) So having Gawn could be the POD comes season end.


    1. Thanks for your input Jeanott.

      When they came up with the theory of a trade costing $150k it was based on a 30 trade season. With a set number of trades allocated for the three stages 2/3 to consolidate the best rookies early. 16/18 upgrading to Premo and 8/11 Injuries / luxury.

      We currently have a max 34 with who knows how many more, to be added if SC finals fall on a Bye week.

      This brings down the cos of a trade each and every time.

      What I’m trying to say is this year truly is like no other.
      Trades are getting throw around like crazy and folks are doing some radical things.
      This can have a positive affect, as teams are harvesting cows early and moving those rookies off field.

      It can also have a negative impact, Last year most would of been forced to ride out the form of players like Simpkin and Dev smith.

      We just wouldn’t of wanted to waste a trade on sideway’s trading them. This year.. Heaps’s of folks jumped off due to a few low scores and that dreaded high BE.

      I think the most successful coaches this year will be the one’s that don’t stray to far from “Traditional SC principles”

      Sure you can take a few more risks. I still think getting Rookies off field and knowing players revert to, or near their averages goes along way to holding them through down spells.

      Thanks again and good luck 😉


  10. Thanks Freo Tragic. That’s why I love this community. Different opinions, analysis, and we are richer for it. Good luck to us all, Gawn or Gone


  11. Something I was looking at coz I already have Goldy (and Draper) if I dump Maxie:

    Tu Grundy
    Td Nic Nat

    Ps no coin tossing permitted LOL


  12. Is it worth trading Gawn and Viney to Goldy and Titch this week, to free up a spot and be able to bring Neale in next week?

    TU – Yes
    TD – No

    Getting Neale next week would require a sideways of Viney still, but downgrading Gawn saves me a rookie.


  13. A little Sandra Sully here BUT a mate of mine who’s ranked very high went Gawn to the Big O and he’s quite happy with how that went (113). He’ll generate some cash out of Big O for a few rounds with the aim to get Gawn back in.

    In 2020 SC is more of a stock market than ever before. Buy low and sell high. It’s risky but if you get it right it can set you up with some extra cash and extra points that you otherwise might not have.


  14. After a lot of procrastinating, I’ve gone Gawn into Goldy and Bennell into Schoenberg. I don’t need Bennell on field anyway. Gawn into Goldy was a tough one. Overall points scored are close. Gawn will drop cash, that’s a fact. Not having Gawn could cost me finals match ups. That’s also a fact.

    Bottom line, crazy season = crazy trades.



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