Polling Station – Round 11

Written by The Salamander on August 9 2020

We haven’t had one of these threads this year, but it feels like a good time to start.

For those unfamiliar, Polling Station is where you can request a poll (or polls) in the comments, and if the community deems it worthwhile, we have said poll.

Unlike our more usual TU/TD threads, the thumbs here are for indicating whether or not you think a particular proposed poll is worth having, not voting in said poll.

So, what polls would you like to see over the coming days? Let us know in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 11”

  1. With 6 rounds remaining and teams becoming similar a list of 10 PODS that will help you climb overall and may even assist you in winning a few league finals


  2. Not a poll as such but an article on clarifying how many rounds are left, (is there 17 rounds or 18 rounds?) & what rounds the finals will be played(15-18?).

    Obviously until the league releases R14 onwards, we are all a bit in the dark, but I for one am trying to work out remaining trades for remaining rounds, without knowing how many rounds we have to go.


  3. Maybe a best “Post Bye’s Buy’s Post”

    Sorry for the mouth full. 😉

    We could outline the “Best Players on each line that a have already had their Bye’s” include Price BE own% etc.

    Eg. Defence lloyd / Sicily / Z Williams etc.
    Mids Satan, Titch.T Kelly, J Kelly….

    I’m planning to try to trade in only “Premo’s” that have already had their Bye.

    We could do a poll on..

    How may “Post Bye Premo’s ” do you own ?

    We may need one for each line.



  4. Poll: are you happy with the HS Supercoach website?

    Maybe it’s because I’ve got an Mac but I don’t find it easy to navigate up and down the SC pages with the mouse. It can be a slow and awkward process.



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