Poll: Grand Finals

Written by The Salamander on September 18 2020

How many Grand Finals did you make?

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How are your Grand Final matchups shaping up? Let us know in the comments below!


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13 thoughts on “Poll: Grand Finals”

  1. In 2 finals, 1 is an irrelevant league final and my 2nd is a minor final of CattaSCTchallenge2.
    Up against Chillo and it should be close. After failing 1st week of finals I had to work my way back and got lucky as if I won week 1 I wouldn’t be here all together.


    1. I’m up against Chillo too. Dispatched him in week 1 of the finals but I fear he will come back twice as hard for the big dance.

      Fears that have been partially realized after Simpkin went huge for him and I whacked the VC on Gaff. Oof.

      Best of luck Nato, and to all in GF’s this weekend


  2. Three minors and The Tech League blockbuster against FD’s All Nuns.

    Plenty of irony in the Tech finals series. Had to trade out Simpkin last week and traded in Acres which got me over the line against Macca by a mere 25 points. FD however kept Simpkin so gains a massive bonus unless Acres goes huge (but he doesn’t have that ceiling), with Luke McDonald as well.

    My start was OK with my only player pulling out season high of 173 (NT Jed)


  3. In 8 major Grand Finals after finishing in the Top 4 in 9 leagues , but I made Catta’s Challenge 2 GF from 6th place although I was and i am the leader in that League on overall PTS though.


  4. Amazingly I am in 3 GF’s after having my worst SC season. I am embarrassed to say that I am about 37,000, by far my worst ever result. Nothing went right but here I am in the big show. Not that I am predicted to even get close..that was the prediction last week too. With a lot of luck,you never know? Just happy that I got this far.

    Started well 3 for 360, Gaff, Simpkin and Luke Davies-Uniacke .

    One of opponents is predicted to score 2606!!!

    Good luck everyone in the Grand Finals.


  5. In 4 GFs after ranking around 300. Including SCT3 and The Fantasy Fiends. Think I may struggle. 1 trade left – might get Simmo for Doch for old time sake.


  6. The only one that matters to me – SCT 7. 😉
    Thought I was going to end up playing it with two donuts, but the gods shone down and with my last trade and bless Jack Martin, I’ll field a full team. It’ll be a squeaker though.
    My wife is in the minor GF in the Tech League.


  7. 2 grand finals, both against my cousin-in-law, Steele as captain last night gives me a chance, as he’s projected to beat me.



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