Polls: A Good Start

Written by The Salamander on September 18 2020

How many of your starting 30 from Round 1 do you still have?

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Did you trade any of them out and then trade them back in later down the track?

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How many of your pre-season 'must-haves' turned out to be a bust?

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How did your starting picks go? Did they get you off to strong start, or did they leave you playing catchup from the moment the ball was bounced? Let us know in the comments below.


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9 thoughts on “Polls: A Good Start”

  1. I love the fact that I started with Neale, Oliver, Macrae, Whitfield, Cripps, Gawn & Grundy. Even though I traded Gawn out in R12, he came back in at R16. Hindsight would have me keeping Brayshaw (Freo) in my team instead of trading him out at R2, only to trade him back in again in R12. Regretting trading in Fyfe & Treloar (both traded out injured 3 weeks after trading in). And don’t get me started on Z Williams & J Kelly – both on my “never again” list.


  2. Like these polls, thanks Salamander.

    Only get 8 blokes left from starting 30, which includes Cavarra FWD and Comben.

    Nailed the keeper midfield picks of Macrae, Danger, Mitchell and Oliver.

    Voted that I had no busts as all major trades were due to injury or more for chasing overall points at the time:
    Sicily, Dunkley, Doedee injured
    Grundy, Dev Smith pushing for better points


  3. Started some absolute shockers with Ceglar prestia B Smith and didnt start any of the big dogs besides the ruckmen. Not starting with Neale Macrae Oliver Bont really burnt me 🙁

    Pretty good recovery to finish top 5k with that bad of a starting team


  4. Still from round 1: 10.5. Gawn, Grundy, Neale, Macrae, Oliver, Cripps, Doc (will be traded by rounds end), Devon Smith, Greenwood, Gould and Comben.

    Traded Back In: Gawn after his injury later in the season traded him back in 1st week of the finals which worked out perfectly.

    I started Macpherson, Ceglar and Houston who hurt me to begin with.


  5. Great idea for a Poll Sal.

    I have 9 left from my starting team. Two are floating Donuts O’Connor and Comben.

    The others were…

    Doc and Short.
    Macrae, Oliver and Cripps.
    Tracc and Dusty.

    I will never try and muck around with my Rucks again. I have spent nearly a third of my trades on my Ruck line alone. All these guys have been in my team at some stage.

    Grundy / Naismith / Sauce / Pitto / Draper / Nic Nat and now..Gawn and ROB.

    I regret not starting Neale but I got him quite early when Dunkley went down. These are the Premo I’m likely to start next year if the Byes behave. I’m not too sure who will remain/ get Forward status.

    Def: J Lloyd, C Daniel, T Stewart.
    Mid: Neale, Macrea, Oliver, Steele, Walsh / Rowell
    Ruck: Gawn, Grundy.
    Forward: Fyfe, Danger, Dusty / Tracc.

    Thanks again Sal.



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