Poll – Hamstrung Treloar

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 27 2018

With the big injury blow to Adam Treloar, the search is now on for a MID replacement.  After Macrae went down last week, Treloar’s ownership went from 9.4% to 12.7%.  That’s now over 25 000+ Coaches that need to find a decent premium in the midfield (myself included!) for the run to the Finals.

I’ll be excluding certain players that many of us already have in our line-ups: T.Mitchell 63%, Cripps 40%, Fyfe 56%, Oliver 24%, Dangerfield 37% & D.Martin 53%.

Players are shown below with their current price and percentage of ownership.  So who would you run with?


Best replacement for Adam Treloar (COL)? (three choices)

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4 thoughts on “Poll – Hamstrung Treloar”

  1. So much for the safe option in place of Kelly.

    Only reason i didnt go Kelly last week was injury risk as im low on trades and now i’m considering getting Kelly but with one less trade…thanks Trelair


  2. Also is it worth adding Pendles to the poll? Will Treloar out help his scoring? 2014-2016 Pendles would be nice



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