Poll: Preliminary Finals

Written by JimmyDee on August 11 2021

With a lot of discussion and banter around the “Never Again List” derived from this week’s polling station thread, it seems as if there may be people without genuine questions for a poll with just two weeks to go.

That may be because they are already sorted, have run out of trades or have exited the competition, so I thought a poll on how many people are still hanging in there for the ultimate bragging rights might extract some interest. Let the site know how many of you have made the prelim this week, and how many, and tell us your chances of obtaining those elusive bragging rights.

How many prelim finals are we in?

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Preliminary Finals”

  1. Wow Nateo, impressive, serious bragging rights.

    I feel like I would like to brag, but only made two, even with a round 21 4k rank. Seriously, ranked 4k overall I might have been expected to snaffle a couple more at least. Should I even say that? Sound like a whinger!


  2. In 2/5, would have been three but I had a 2360 draw in my cash league and missed out on ladder position.

    After failures from Bolton, De Goey, Lyons, Brayshaw it was all hinging on Tim Kelly to score me 106 or more. He finished on 105, after being scaled down from 106 heartbreaking.


  3. In 9 out of 10 Prelims with Danger as a POD in the league I missed LOEC #2 which I went onto to lose by 48pts.

    Unfortunately 4 of my Prelims are against the same opponent site legend Catta. My team always seems to lift when I come against him but he would be the favourite.

    We only have 4-5PODs pending loops between us.


  4. 7 out of 10 for me, but no trades left and without Brayshaw, Greene (unless his suspension is miraculously overturned) & potentially Mills. Lucky I have cover, but it’s going to make it hard from here. Fingers crossed I can nail my VC/C and pick up some extra points to get me over the line in my finals.



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