Poll: RoMo and Preuss Replacements

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on February 18 2021

Set to miss at least a month with a stress injury to his foot, Rowan MARSHALL (STK, $557.2k) will miss Round 1 – I was so looking forward to starting him, ugh! Given he’s the 5th most expensive FWD option, you won’t need to move mountains to replace him with someone a touch more expensive or you can pocket some coin by dropping down to some equally viable options. So, who are we thinking?

Who's the best premium priced Marshall replacement?

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On the same day as RoMo was struck down, we found out that Braydon PREUSS (GWS, $303.0k) required a shoulder surgery expected to rule him out for 4 – 5 months (probably 6+ given it’s GWS). The appeal of Preuss was his cheap price, allowing coaches to apportion the large savings elsewhere by omitting (most likely) one of G&G. Not only will those who had him have to replace Preuss, but a wrench will have been thrown into their structure. Do you go back to drawing board and re-think you structure or try to find a similarly priced option?

Taking into account the structure of a team that had Preuss, how would you replace him?

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10 thoughts on “Poll: RoMo and Preuss Replacements”

  1. Marshall was only forward with ruck swing for me and I’d gone off Preuss a while ago.

    The bigger question is are there new bargains to be found?

    With no dpp fwd/ruck to swing, will people take Treacy or is the not unlikely possibility of Matt Flynn playing #1 ruck at $123k making people reconsider where they get their donuts?

    With Marshall out, Ryder still injured and a massive injury toll at St Kilda is part time ruckman and honestly good tryer Shaun McKernan now a worthwhile selection?


  2. Does anyone know anything about Tom Fullarton? He looks promising but I’m guessing Daniher probably makes it more difficult for him to find a spot in Brisbane’s 22…


  3. For the moment I have switched Marshall and Treacy, and gone with Nicnat…Treacy can still loop from the fwd line. This allows a playing ruck in r14 and some flexibility in maintaining Treacy dpp



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