POLL : Rookie Decisions

Written by JimmyDee on April 3 2024

With a few interesting boys on the bubble this round, people are asking which rookies should we cull first to facilitate the downgrades.

In defence, four prospects are on the bubble, but realistically only two are probably on the radar for consideration. Tom Brown (BE -35) and Josh Draper (-32) are those two, but Oisin Mullin (BE 0) and Jase Burgoyne (BE 14) are there as well. I’m assuming people do not need advice on the Likes of Coffield, Gibcus and to a lesser extent Zac Reid and Marty Hore, so I have limited the list to the following, most of whom have positive BE.

Pick one: Which defensive rookie would you cull this week ?

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Midfielders may not be as necessary to ditch just yet, at least in terms of BE as most on this list have negative BE and therefore more cash to make (exception Hustwaite +27). They may however be in the mix to be a strategic cull in order to upgrade right now. Which two would you pick in this scenario.

Pick two: Which of the Mids would you choose to cull this week ?

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Forwards are the fluctuating stocks in this early part of the season with many already attaining some serious positive BE after only a few rounds in some cases. Fin Macrae for example has shot to a +41 due to his coaches management of him. Duursma, Windsor and Reid are in the +20s, 30s and 40s, and Darcy Wilson (69% ownership) is stalling at +11 BE.

The others on this list are all owned between 10% and 54% but none have double digit negative BE, questioning their individual viabilities. Presume Sam Darcy and an upgrade is on the radar, which three would go if you had to use them all.

Pick three : Which forward rookies would you look at getting rid of first ?

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If you feel I have left anyone of significance from the lists above, please comment in the comments below and give us your thoughts.

Thanks for participating and good luck with all 22 scorers this week.


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