Poll: Round 1 Trade Trends

Written by JimmyDee on March 22 2023

Todays poll is purely statistical in that it should give every coach on the site some sort of idea on the trends of round 1 trading, and not necessarily what to do with those trades.

With 36 trades, people are looking at SC differently, more aggressively and planning team changes “for the better” before round 2. Some changes will be forced (Stewart) but the trend seems to be for “upgrading” poor performers (Laird/Jones) for the bolters they have missed after one round of samples.

Just purely for the numbers, let us know what your pre round 2 trade plans are, and if you wish to justify/clarify in the comments, please do.

How many trades are you planning on using before round 2 ?

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And for a little more on the reasoning, answer the poll below.

If you are trading, what is the main reason ?

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As always, appreciate you reading and thanks for participating. Good luck in which ever way you take it from here.


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One thought on “Poll: Round 1 Trade Trends”

  1. Stuck between 1 and 2.
    Stewart is out.
    It is then questionable on Jones. Probably looking to trade to McKenna as I don’t feel he will be 100%. Just uncertain on other players due to their Rd 1 score only a factor for 1 round of price change.



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