Poll: Round 2 Trades

Written by The Salamander on March 26 2021

With popular picks Dangerfield and Rowell both set to be traded out by many, many coaches, most people are likely to be making at least one this week – I will be curious to see how many of us have managed to escape the carnage and go into Round 2 trade-free!

How many trades are you making this week?

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Round 2 Trades”

  1. 1 trade was made in Rowell to Williams. Williams was quite poor in that 1st half. He gave away 5 Frees and was quite inefficient with the ball going at 50% DE.
    He had 14 CP and 12 Uncontested for only 20 disposals.
    So it shows he can score better if he manages to be more efficient so this weeks score won’t be too concerning

    A 2nd trade has not been made but I am on the edge with trading out Will Brodie. I started him as a POD as I knew he was underpriced, but he struggles to cement a spot and only got 64% TOG even with Rowells injury.
    Scoring 54 SC points but being in 8 centre bounces and having a team high 5 clearances with 18 disposals shows he has the potential but Dew doesn’t seem to like him.
    Caldwell is looking to come in for him, but I wonder whether to wait a week. It is just whether I need those 2 trades next week for rookie switches, so that is why I am considering a trade now


    1. We got spoiled last year with extra trades and reduce rounds. This year we are back to being patient with our underperformers and minimise sideways trades.

      Personally, I would wait 1 more week before deciding on any “corrective” trades. Also, with a mid-priced like Brodie, he isn’t going to lose you heaps of money, so hardly worth trading sideways to another mid-pricer who might not go that much better. I would either downgrade to a good rookie that you don’t have or hold until you can upgrade.

      Your call of course, but we are all going to be desperate for trades during and after the byes. Especially as players start getting rested later in the season. Having luxury trades up our sleeve will be more important than ever I reckon.


  2. Only 1, Danger to Titch, at the moment. I might bring in Jordan if McNeil gets dropped. Would prefer to wait until next week for that but might need to use next weeks trades elsewhere.


  3. Used my full allotment this week – Rowell and Danger out, Titch and Heeney in.

    I try to only use 3 trades for rounds 1-3, including injuries and “corrective trades.” Fortunately I have most of the rookies that are doing well, so I should be able to get away with no trades or 1 trade next week.


  4. ‘Needed’ money to start Danger, so started Hunter instead of Flynn at R3.. big mistake!
    Now that I’m trading Danger to Dusty I have enough money for Hunter to Flynn.. Should I:
    T/u – Trade Hunter to Flynn this week giving me two trade flexibility next week
    T/d – Wait a week, never know what will happen


  5. One trade used so far for Danger to Dusty. As much as I was tempted to trade in a premium mid via DPP, I still think Dusty will be a top 6 fwd, so may as well get him in this week.
    Also have Rowell to trade out , and tossing up between
    TU – Macrae
    TD – Titch (probably better for byes)

    Thanks Coaches



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