POLL: Season Ending Forwards

Written by JimmyDee on April 21 2023

Part two of our season ending top players on each line brings us to the forwards. The list is quite large as there are 22 players averaging above 90 after round five.

Whilst this may appear as simple as “select six”, it is made a little more complex by the fact that some of your selections may have already been polled in the top six defenders. If possible, if you have polled someone on this list as a defender for your final team, please leave them off this poll.

There is also a bunch of forwards around or just under the 90 average at this stage who may get significantly better or not (Rachele, Ward, Horn-Francis, Langford etc), so feel free to mention them in the comments and if they warrant extra attention, I’ll add them in a separate poll.

As always, thanks for participating.

Select the top six forwards you would like in your team at season's end.

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4 thoughts on “POLL: Season Ending Forwards”

    1. Yeah. Grabbed them both. One as a def and one as a fwd. I can see them as D6/F6.
      Was initially seeing them both as stepping stones, but if they can stay at this level they may well be keepers. I think a lot will depend on the next round of rookies and whether we can generate enough cash from them to go full premo. If we can’t, then I can see Ziebell. Sheezel and Hopper still in my team until real late in the season.
      I know that’s expecting a lot to say that Sheezel is a keeper. But after trading out Nick Daicos on his bye last season I am more likely to hang on to Sheezel for longer this year, unless he is injured or his scoring totally drops away.


  1. If people are selecting there 6 on average (which I did) l believe Darcy Cameron is almost a lock for top 6. Was a bit surprised he had only 26 votes and sitting 9th on the list..

    My 6 were dunks, D.Cameron, taranto, cogs, jezza and sheezel.


    1. Probably because a lot already have their team loaded with fwd premos and only have maybe 1 spot left



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