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Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 28 2022

After a dirty bump on Prestia in Saturday’s thrilling clash, Tom STEWART (GEEL, $562 400, 115.5, BE 74) now looks sent for a lengthy suspension. Having been graded as careless conduct, severe impact and high contact by the MRO, Stewart’s looking at a minimum of 3 weeks – with anticipation that the AFL will seek 4+. He’ll be a must have when he returns but at this stage has to be traded out.

*George HEWETT and James SICILY excluded as must haves and Jayden SHORT and Jack CRISP on ownership

If money is no object, who's the best current Top 6 replacement option?

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Who's the best sub 562k replacement option?

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If only it were that simple however. The same round Stewart set himself up for suspension, another defender capable of vying for D1 re-entered the fray. He’s got a plurality and often a monopoly on kick ins, soft half back distribution, incredible accumulating ability and in a side permanently under siege. Just this week, on return from injury, he dropped 38 touches, 30 of them kicks and a competition-wide season high 1169 MG for a 153. A impressive positive side of the ledger no doubt. The negative? Two hamstrings this season and an increasingly dire age and injury profile. Y’all know who it is…

Are you messing with Aaron HALL (NTH, $508.3k, 105.3)?

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As usual, vote and have at it in the comments but also, given Stewart can go at 120 and has the highest DEF ceiling, how, if at all, do you plan on bringing him back in?


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13 thoughts on “Poll: Stewart”

  1. A dirty bump deserves a dirty replacement – Hall for me. Surely he can’t do 3 hammies in one season…Surely….not


    1. I am with you BB.
      The high ceiling makes it worth the risk.
      The way this season is going a supercoach relevant Backman will go down with an LTI and have to be replaced….voila!! Hello Mr Stewart.
      If this doesn’t happen I have Rozee floating as F7 / M9 so would probably upgrade him


  2. For someone else, I’d consider Nick Blakey. 485k and he has played quite well since round 8.
    His first 7 rounds didn’t break 100, but then in his last 6 rounds he has broken 100 5 times. The 1 match he didn’t was his lowest for the year being 64 against Port where the Swans didn’t turn up.
    He had 126 last week being his best of the year and that is when Lloyd went massive too, so Lloyd doesn’t seem to be impacting him.
    He then only plays 3 top 8 teams, being Freo, Pies and Dogs.
    Potentially one to consider


  3. I am thinking Diacos to Hall only because I have ample trades left if he falls over.
    Coaches with limited trades [2-4] would be taking a huge risk trading in Hall.


  4. Unless your trying to win supercoach Australia you would not trade him out unless you really have to to reach your finals – What a POD he will be.
    I ain’t trading


    1. Trades???……..Finals???….. Anyone know what sort of back brace and neck support i should be using when supporting a ladder???………LOL


    1. F that guy. Never again. Wouldn’t do it with a gun to my head.
      Watch me bring him in.



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