Poll: Team Balance – Premos and Rookies

Written by JimmyDee on March 13 2024

Our midday poll today is about seeing what the coaches believe is the best team balance, and showing others to try and help where possible. For the exercise, Premos have no price qualification, but must be considered keepers. Rookies are all below Harley Reid price level.

Firstly the Keepers

How many planned keepers are in your Round one side

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Secondly, Round Zero premos in your team.
ie those from Lions, Blues, Pies, Swans, Suns, Tigers, Dees & Giants

Of those, how many are round zero premos

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Lastly, how many rookies will be in your starting 22 ie on field.

How many on field Rookies will you have for round one ?

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Once again, thanks for your participation.


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2 thoughts on “Poll: Team Balance – Premos and Rookies”

  1. I was initially looking at minimising the amount of Rd0 players, especially premiums however this has loosened recently.

    With best 18, having a loophole on each line means you get a good crack at improving your score by having a second chance on your rookies.

    From my starting line-up, my bye players are as follows:
    Rd 2: (2) 1D, 1M
    Rd 4: (2) 1M*, 1F
    Rd 5: (4) 1D*, 1M, 1R*, 1F
    Rd 6: (3) 1D, 2R*
    * are the 4 premiums.

    Aside from round 6, no duplicates on any line. Naismith will probably become one of the WCE DPP rucks if Nankervis plays solo this week or it will be an early cash-out trade once he gets a few price rises, move Jackson into ruck for Rd6 and have a loophole or extra playing rookie in the forwards.


  2. Can I suggest at Q2 that you mention the 8 teams that played the round zero match (to make it easier?) With Collingwood’s loss, I’ve already out Round zero matches out of my mind!



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