Poll: The Rookies

Written by The Salamander on March 31 2021

With the first batch of price changes almost upon us, it’s time to make sure we’ve got the right rookies. Who is it most important to have?

LEGEND: Player Name (Club, Price, Average, Breakeven, Position)

Who are the must-have rookies at this stage? Choose up to 12.

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15 thoughts on “Poll: The Rookies”

  1. Can we tweak the % so it reflects the % of voters that have voted for a player rather than the % of overall votes. Gulden says 11% but surely it’s up near 98-100%.


    1. Gulden 82 of 85 votes so yes 96% of votes. BTW – great way to sense check rookie selections! Thanks


  2. Love the thread btw, super useful. Not sure what the site plans are for the next two days but a similar thread for the 200K – 500K players would be super appreciated by many no doubt.


  3. I think I’ve got most of the must haves, undecided on whether a corrective trade of Bruhn to Berry is worth it.

    T/U: Worth it
    T/D: Save the trade


  4. I’m torn on this one. I have used 2 trades already(Danger, Rowell) but I have all of the good rookies except for Berry. Is it worth trading Downie to Berry?
    TU – Yes
    TD – No


  5. I’ve only marked 9 as “essential” but have 8 out of the 9, and 14 out of the total list.

    I think I can cope with that one missed.


  6. The numbers show a clear breakdown of the rookies.

    Group 1
    There’s six with super strong numbers. We clearly all think you should make sure you have them.

    Group 2 – Powell
    His votes are still super high so if you’ve got a corrective trade free then get him in.

    Group 3 – Rowe and Berry
    Votes are still somewhat high. Great if you’ve got them but *maybe* not a necessity. Maybe more of a luxury corrective trade.

    Group 4 – The rest
    After that it really seems to fall away and the SCT community are saying there’s better options.


  7. I am expecting some rookie carnage before this round is out.
    Sharp is the first confirmed out but all of the following are in doubt..
    Bergman , Scott, McNeil, Koschitzke and I would throw in Jordan Clarke if Duncan and Menengola come in.

    Might have to wait until Monday teams are announced before confirming trades which is a real pain..


    1. Monday teams won’t be announced til 6:25pm on Sunday so unless you plan on bringing in a Geelong or Hawks player, we’ve just got to cross our fingers and hope that Kosi and Clark aren’t both outs.


  8. I’m feeling pretty good about my current crop of rookies, only concern is if some of the mid- or lower-tier rookies get dropped due to returning players. I have all of the top-10 vote getters except for Berry.

    I was thinking about bringing Berry in at the start of the week but it is a bit of a luxury trade. I am leaning towards a mid-priced cow-like object that will score more consistently in order to push a lower scorer to the bench (Highmore or Dow, or both).

    T/U: Berry for the additional cash gen.
    T/D: Cow-like object for better on-field scoring.


      1. Lol – while he hasn’t lived up to it so far, I think that with the injuries at Carlton, he might get either more minutes or a more meaningful role.



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