The Pre-Fallen Premiums – Rd 3, 2021

Written by Chillo on March 31 2021

If you’ve read through some of the Trade Talk posts, you’ve probably seen quite a few reminders that “Supercoach is a marathon, not a sprint”. And it’s true – it’s a long season and you have those finite resources of cash and trades to improve your team, so it’s imperative to spend wisely.

But there are crucial milestones throughout the season that have to be observed; moments where it’s time to loosen the purse strings and make strong, strategic moves. The most obvious of these is the pre-season, picking the fast-starting premiums and nailing all those rookie choices. But we’re all human and we will all make mistakes – which brings us to milestone number 2, also known as Corrective Trade Time.

Have the taggers caught up to Neale? Will Cripps’ injury woes continue to affect his scoring? Is there a breakout player missing from your lineup? Did you get your overall structure wrong? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then the time to fix it is right now, before the biggest price changes of the year kick in. You probably know by now who is on the chopping block, but who should you be targeting? While we don’t have any typical Fallen Premiums just yet, there are some players going around who are set to soar in price in the coming weeks….


So often the despised outsiders of the Supercoach world, new rules and new tactics mean that it’s actually the last line where we need to focus most attention this year.

In particular, the new kick-in rule has boosted the numbers of a lot of the specialists in this part of the game. Shannon HURN ($477 800, avg 118, BE 45), Jordan RIDLEY ($547 700, avg 131, BE 60), Dan HOUSTON ($489 300, avg 119, BE 49), Jayden SHORT ($519 300, avg 110, BE 84) and DOUGAL HOWARD ($355 200, avg 116, BE -24) have all benefited from the increased space available from the restart, with ‘play-on’ almost a compulsory move.

Darcy MOORE ($430 200, avg 119, BE 15) has put his name forward as one of the premier key defenders in the game with eyecatching efforts in back-to-back games to start the season. Injury has often got in the way of Moore reaching his potential, but could that change in 2021?

Suns teammates Jack BOWES ($451 300, avg 130, BE 4) and his namesake Jack LUKOSIUS ($430 800, avg 106, BE 40) have shown the benefit of pinpoint disposal when it comes to accumulating Supercoach points, both players running at high efficiency and a high scoring average, too.

Finally, Callum MILLS ($544 800, avg 124, BE 72) has officially moved off the halfback flank, but luckily you can still get him as a defender in Supercoach. Looks to be a lock for a top 8 spot on the line at season’s end.


The youngest and most promising midfield in the competition is in Fremantle, and it’s Andrew BRAYSHAW ($544 200, avg 129, BE 62) and Adam CERRA ($484 800, avg 121, BE 42) that are leading the charge. With Fyfe and Walters set to spend more time forward this year, the torch has officially been passed at the Dockers – and possibly your Supercoach team, too.

By contrast, some of the old stagers and past favourites have started 2021 in impressive fashion too. Travis BOAK ($590 400, avg 140, BE 66), Joel SELWOOD ($445 000, avg 117, BE 28), and Rory SLOANE ($471 900, avg 108, BE 61) all have form lines that belie their respective ages. In a time of advanced sports medicine and injury rehabilitation, careers will likely be extended and players will play better for longer – are these three champions part of the new trend?


Josh DUNKLEY ($560 200, avg 123, BE 83) and Dustin MARTIN ($541 600, avg 139, BE 39) were popular picks at the start of the year and rightly so, as the first two rounds of the year have proven. If you’ve missed out on either to start the season then there’s very little thought to be done here.

Among the slightly cheaper forwards, Isaac HEENEY ($454 500, avg 109, BE 49) and Zak BUTTERS ($471 400, avg 131, BE 15) are the obvious standouts who each seem to be priced below what they are capable of. If you can’t afford the bonafide premiums then these two are the next best options.


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11 thoughts on “The Pre-Fallen Premiums – Rd 3, 2021”

  1. Sydney: “We always believed that Millsy could play as a quality Mid, & he’ll go back (to defence) at times as well & we know he can do that (role well)”

    Swans Snr coach John Longmire on Callum Mills via @SportsdayRadio

    Comments on Mills for the year and it looks like he will likely return to the defence at certain times which would change his scoring output


  2. Love this article. Seriously considering a Cripps to Cerra move this week. With no cash in the bank I feel he is the best option of players cheaper than Cripps.

    T/U: Great move, Cerra will average 110+
    T/D: Terrible move, Cripps will come good


  3. One trade this week but can’t decide between rookie Berry with a 100k+ price rise or Dunkley into fwds. At $560k will he rise by more than 20-30k anyway?


    1. Berry’s got an estimated $40k price rise this week ($100k over 3 rounds), so if you want him, it has to be this week. I’m not saying you need him necessarily, it would depend if you have most of the other quality rookies.

      Unless he has a monster or a stinker, Dunks should only go up about 10k (if he scores his current average).


  4. Thanks for the valuable info chillo. Big thanks to all the regular contributors actually. I’m 1 who is seriously considering bringing in T walker for Caldwell. Whats his BE. I believe it was around -116 is that correct. Thanks in advance. Just hope im not getting sucked in to point chasing!


  5. I’m more than comfortable bringing Tex in, worse case scenario is he’s an upgrade to a premo in a few weeks times, best case scenario is that he is a top 8 forward for the year. It appears people such as him, Hawkins and a couple of other power forwards are big beneficiary’s of the new ‘stand’ rule and allows for clear leading lines to run into.


    1. Hope so Joestar. Iv already had 3 forced trades and that does not include Fyfe who will stay on the bench!


  6. IMO One to watch Bowes (GC), the new / next Lloyd.
    Currently coached by Horse’s ex. assistant coach.
    100+ each week…….


    1. Its a good point Chameleon However, he cant possibly be allowed to continue to take the amount of marks he is atm. Its looking like this new game style is conducive to defenders scoring better thou. I think a couple of more games of data would show a better hand but the horse may of bolted by that time. I’m thinking this year, more so than any, is the time to take bold, calculated and perhaps more risky moves this year….



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