POLL – Top Eight Midfielders

Written by JimmyDee on April 27 2023

The midfield is where we traditionally expect the bulk of our points to come from so here is your opportunity to share with the site members who you would like in the midfield in your final side.

For this exercise, I’m assuming that you have chosen the gun DPP Players in their non mid roles eg Dawson, Dunks, Taranto, Rozee etc. I’ve also bunched them in the category of those averaging 100+ at this stage. As food for thought , I’ve added some that most people would have expected to average 100+ but have not yet achieved that eg Brayshaw. Touk gets a mention due to his “gun” status if fit depending on his return.

As always thanks for participating, and if there is a glaring hole to fill, let me know in the comments and I’ll endeavour to fix it. Cheers and good luck.

Select the TOP EIGHT players you like in your final midfield.

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    1. Wow, must have been later than I thought. Researched it around two in the morning to get it for today. Might have been better off sticking to cricket eh?



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