12 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 16”

  1. Got four trades left. Need one more premium. But should I just sit on these valuable trades in case of emergencies, etc? Got ok rookies on the bench – except for defence.


  2. Something out of the normal. Do a census, how many males/ females . What is your age bracket 0-18, 19-30, 31-40, 41-50 above 51, playing for overall or league wins, how many leagues are you in, are you going to make the finals


  3. How many of the top 10 defenders, top 12 midfielders, top 4 rucks and top 8 forwards do you currently own.
    If some of your team aren’t in this category, do you plan to upgrade to them in the next few weeks.
    If you are not, reasons why. A. Run out of trades B. They are value and I think they can be in the top rank for the run home. C. I am anti-podding to try to catch up, or win leagues.


        1. It is still too vague.
          Zac Fisher would not fall into the top 8 forwards for Overall points or average, yet most would say top 6 forward.

          There would need to be a general consensus first to determine this poll.


          1. Yeah. You are probably right. A good poll idea in theory, but still subjective in defining top. Three potential criteria: ownership, price, average. Personally like average, even if we are going to have Green, Rozee and Fisher being people we consider to be B. Top rank in the run home.
            I hope someone smarter than me can take this basic idea and turn it into a useful poll!


    1. Can’t understand the negative comments by Nic Negrepontis on SEN bagging out Geelong’s Sam De Koning on playing his first game as a ruck.

      “Chris Scott seems hesitant to really unleash Toby Conway, choosing instead to throw Sam De Koning and Mark Blicavs at Tom De Koning on Friday night.

      This backfired immensely, with TDK having the highest rated game of the 2024 season to date and leading a Carlton midfield domination.

      The call felt wrong when it was announced at selection and was certainly proven so on Friday night.

      Geelong has to back in Conway for the remainder of the season and decide from there if he’s the long-term solution.”

      Sam De Koning 135 SC points a season high, top 10 SC and top SC defender for round 15, next best player for Geelong, Tom Stewart 107 SC , top 43 rd 15.

      $350 for a D6 is a steal.

      Chris Scott plays Super Coach?

      TU D6 yes
      TD D6 no


  4. After your trades, and putting your captain on your highest projection, what’s your total projected score this week?

    Is it what you were hoping for?



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