Polling Station – Round 18

Written by Dane on July 11 2022

What are you hoping to see on the site this week? Chuck it down in the comments below and some may become their own thread as we move towards round 19.


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7 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 18”

  1. Since we all likely need to replace Cameron shortly, maybe people’s thoughts on the best R2 rest of season with most of the premos back from injury now


    1. It’s going to be a sad day dropping this man, been very very good since he’s had the role change.

      In saying that, if it’s possible for teams to keep him as F7/R3 cover along with Teakle (or someone else with DPP), think that could be the move, even if his ceiling is lowered.


  2. Not sure the situation with Oliver and that thumb but even if he’s too return he had this same injury a year or two ago and his numbers dropped quiet a bit from memory. Probably due to lack of tackling and inside CPs etc. It’d take a brave coach too trade him out but if it gets me a Laird or Steele I may consider it.
    Anyone else looking at trading or holding?


  3. ‘Went to the Swaneez v Carlton game with the Carlton fanatic in-laws,
    ‘Went to the Swaneez v Essendon game with my sons and grandsons (all bomber fanatics)
    Should I go to the Swaneez v North Melbourne game in a couple of weeks with a North Melbourne fanatic neighbour????


  4. Thoughts please,

    “Get rid of the *loop hole* effect”

    Vc’d = double points
    Capt = triple points

    The catch would be if your vc’d got 150+ and you wanted to link a sub with him to get triple, then you would only get a triple score and no double because your vc’d was used already.

    Remember, this is just thoughts, and I’m happy to hear why this sounds feasible or why it couldn’t/wouldn’t work. Cheers all….



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