Polling Station – Round 19

Written by Dane on July 17 2023

Finals are almost upon us, maybe it’s time for another ranking poll?

Any ideas, chuck them down below, try to keep it to the majority as always!


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12 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 19”

  1. Are you at full premo yet if not how many non premo on field players do you still have, can you get to full premo with the trades you have left. With all injuries suspensions and players being managed things are getting difficult


  2. An idea from Freo Tragic.

    Would coaches want to include a Wildcard trade boost once in a season?

    This boost will allow you to use as many trades as you like in one whole round so it would have been useful last round with so many premiums out.
    This is used in EPL fantasy


  3. Thanks Nato.

    I think for this concept to work in SC we would need to only be able to do it once post Byes. If we could do it early, it may lead to a heap of teams looking alike as we could all jump on the best rookies and mid pricers.


    1. That was my thoughts too. It would need to work with the trade boosts. Could also be more trade boosts in one round instead. Use all 5 trade boosts for 7 trades but then none left for the season.

      Or it could be sacrifice 100 points for each extra trade made


  4. Might be tricky to manage possible responses but it would be interesting to know what players consider their “Most costly mistake in 2023″…

    Eg. Burning trades sidewaysing underperforming premos
    Not moving on dead rookies
    Holding Oliver
    Trusting Fyfe Etc


    1. Like this Gulp.

      We usually put out a “Best and Worst Trades” thread close to Finals.

      Might need to get onto it early this year !


      1. Wouldn’t mind seeing a thread on, If you could change one thing in Supercoach, what would it be?
        Ie. Overall trades, scaling factor, rolling lockout, trades per round, nothing at all, etc.


    2. I nominate my trading in Hustwaite when playing around with c options about r 8, then forgetting to reverse. Those two lost trades killed my subsequent trade choices.


  5. Will Matt Roberts or Constable play this week???

    Just kidding, doesn’t need to be a poll but sure its on everyones mind given all the injury issues


  6. Are you drinking more worrying about your SuperCoach ins/outs?
    Have you switched to watching the netball and called the season a disaster ?



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