Polling Station – Round 5

Written by Dane on April 10 2023

One game to go this week but there’s no reason to not be considering next week already.

If you’ve got some ideas for a good thread for the majority, put in the comments below!

For individual trade plans, head on over to trade talk.


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14 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 5”

  1. Maybe a poll about Doch. Owned by 36.7% of teams at the end of round 3 but another low score of 71.
    3 Carlton mid in Walsh Kennedy and Acres are all likely to return.

    Would coaches trade or hold Doc for the amount of cash he has lost and the mids returning?


    1. Personally I’m holding, hoping he reverts to his preferred halfback role when those mids return.

      But spewing to have (this week at least) chosen incorrectly as to who to sell for LDU between Doc and Warner


      1. Did the same with my Tech team, on whether to trade Warner or Angus Brayshaw for LDU, went Warner……..


    2. We definitely need a poll on Doc replacements.

      Possibly 2 polls. First poll players above Docs $525K Dawson / Stewart etc..

      Second poll under Doc’s $525K Lloyd / Redman etc..


    1. Dunkley 108, 117, 108 and now an 84. Second highest average score amongst the forwards who played all 3 games (Sheezel first). No need to get rid of him



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