Round 4 Review (Part 1)

Written by Dane on April 10 2023

Brisbane (18.8.116) defeated Collingwood (11.17.83)

  1. Nick Daicos (151). A great VC option all the way back on Thursday night, Daicos just found the pill at will with 38 touches (16 contested) plus 2 goals and a game high 633 metres gained. Insane.
  2. Cam Rayner (121). Best on for the Lions in my eyes, just dangerous all night with 17 touches, 5 marks and 4 goals in a half forward role.
  3. Charlie Cameron (110). Right up there with Rayner in terms of importance, had reasons to get the motorbike out with 6 goals from 14 touches and 6 marks.
  4. Joe Daniher/Scott Pendlebury (109). Another Lions forward who was dominant, finding 20 touches and slotting 2 goals while pinch hitting in the ruck. Dependlebury kept his mad start to the season going, this week running @ 88% DE from his 26 touches, 4/4 tons for him.
  5. Oscar McInerney (108). No recognised ruckman and he seized control in that area of the game, finding 18 touches (16 contested), 11 clearances and a dominant 43 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Jordan De Goey (108), Lachie Neale (102)

Disappointment: Three out of three tons to start the year but that streak came to an end this week for Mitchell (64), while the man that everyone owns Dunkley (84) had just 1 tackle.

Rookies: Nothing wrong with the scores from Wilmot (50), McKenna (86) and the super popular Ashcroft (75) in terms of their current cash generation with all of them meeting their breakeven. Joyce was on the bubble this week but only scored 26, although he still ran at 100% DE. Just McInnes for the Pies but look away if for some reason you had to field him, just points.

Injuries: Think it was just tactical subs once again unless there were mystery injuries. Gunston and McInnes ended up with the red vest.

North Melbourne (11.14.84) defeated by Carlton (16.11.107)

  1. Charlie Curnow (130). Season best score for the Blues spearhead, kicking a big old bag of 6 goals from 16 touches and 9 marks to lead this games scoring.
  2. Mitch McGovern (124). Posted a career best score in this one, using his 27 touches at a smooth 81% DE with 6 marks and 10 contested possessions before being subbed out of the game with a corked hammy that he suffered in the first term, precautionary one would assume.
  3. Luke McDonald (117). Second ton and best score of the year on Friday, thanks to 22 touches and 8 marks but used it beautifully at 90% DE.
  4. Harry McKay (116). Snagged 4 goals himself to pair perfectly up forward with Curnow. Had 16 touches and an impressive 14 marks roaming well up the ground.
  5. Patrick Cripps (114). Handball happy but still rounded out the top five with a monster game of 29 touches (22 contested) with 5 tackles and 9 clearances.

Other 100+ scores: Harry Sheezel (111), Jy Simpkin (106), Adam Saad (104), Luke Davies-Uniacke (102)

Disappointment: Another week and another poor score from Docherty (71). Didn’t get to watch this one but commentary was his role is pretty much piggy in the middle between contests, won’t be surprised if he drops out of plenty of teams this weeK.

Rookies: Sheezel is just messing with us now, slapped together another tidy game of 37 touches with 444 metres gained (led the game with Ziebell) for 111 points. Phillips was popular this round and 67 is quite acceptable for the moment. Comben is up and down, this week notching just 29, while Carlton duo Cowan (51) and Hollands (52) met their BE. Honey (41) played his first game of the year (177K Forward) and had 9 kicks, 6 marks and 1 major.

Injuries: Cunnington was subbed off for North, while the previously mentioned McGovern was the sub for the Blues. Match report also had Larkey with a hip issue.

Adelaide (17.9.111) defeated Fremantle (10.12.72)

  1. Jordan Dawson (173). Mentioned last week that none of the other top line defenders had Stewarts ceiling, well the Crows skipper said “hold my beer”. Insanely elite game: 27 touches, 598 metres gained, 5 marks, 6 tackles, 13 contested touches, no clangers and crisp 96% DE. Docherty-Dawson popular this week, calling the obvious now.
  2. Sean Darcy (125). Backed up last weeks effort and against ROB who is much better than what West Coast put together in the ruck department. Had 17 touches (10 contested) with 38 hitouts for the game.
  3. Andrew Brayshaw (114). Second ton of the year but still set to lose heaps of cash. 31 touches and 7 tackles with 12 contested touches is what current/future owners want to see more often.
  4. Izak Rankine (112). Two triple figure scores in a row for the gun recruit. Dangerous all day with 3 goals, 15 touches, 6 marks and 5 tackles.
  5. Luke Ryan (111). Four tons in a row now and is another great option for Docherty owners. 568 metres gained, 22 touches, 6 marks, 4 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Luke Jackson (107), Max Michalanney (103), Caleb Serong (100)

Disappointment: Round 1 was elite for Young but finished on just 63 this weekend from 17 touches. Worst score of the year so far for the usually consistent O’Brien (70).

Rookies: Got to show some love for Michalanney (103) who posted his first career ton from 16 touches (9 contested) with 5 marks and 75% DE. One rookie that a fair few missed but his cash generation is looking solid. Johnson (14) was the sub in his second game and found 5 touches.

Injuries: Both subs used for tactical reasons again. Butts and O’Driscoll the ones who ended up on the pine.

Richmond (12.12.84) defeated by Western Bulldogs (12.17.89)

  1. Tim English (145). Massive again in putrid but standard Melbourne conditions, especially in the second half. 20 touches (11 contested), 2 goals, 6 marks, 9 tackles and 23 hitouts for the number 1 player in the SuperCoach game.
  2. Tom Liberatore (141). His sort of game worked perfectly in this matchup. 23 touches (14 contested), 7 clearances, 2 goals and 10 tackles for a season best score.
  3. Daniel Rioli/Bailey Dale (136). Elite of half-back for the Tigers, Rioli had a team best 29 touches (16 contested) with 7 tackles and solid 79% DE, career best score. Dale has turned it up the past fortnight after giving me two complete stinkers and a subsequent trade to start the year, so seeing him go for 30 touches and 7 marks with a game best 625 metres gained was just super annoying to watch.
  4. Marcus Bontempelli (122). Popular VC/C option and provided a worthy score thanks to 25 touches (17 contested) with 11 clearances and a career high 12 tackles.
  5. Nick Vlastuin (108). Third ton in a row after 57 in round 1 for the Tigers defender. Team best 440 metres gained from his 21 touches and 6 tackles while running @ 76% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Macrae (103)

Disappointment: Popular pick Hopper was meant to be made for these conditions but provided an underwhelming 75. Jones (49) is still in heaps of teams and has a negative BE, but this will hurt his cash gen.

Rookies: Third game done and dusted for Samson Ryan (44) and Tylar Young (61) who will see some nice little increases after having 7 and 11 touches respectively. I’ve missed naming Mansell over the first two weeks but he was solid here, smashing out a 71 from 12 touches and 7 tackles. Judson Clarke (80) had 20 touches, 1 goal and 5 tackles, nice for a 196K forward. Jones (28) played game number 2, while Baker (47) and Bruce (62) should climb over 200K this week.

Injuries: Couple to cover here. Graham and Keath were the subs due to a hamstring and concussion, but other injuries to come out of this one were Crozier (back) and Lynch (foot).

St Kilda (17.11.113) defeated Gold Coast (8.12.60)

  1. Mitch Owens (143). Career best score from Owens here with a mad stat line. 27 touches (19 contested) with not a single clearance, which is pretty crazy. Also had 2 goals, 5 marks and 5 tackles while pinch hitting in the ruck with 5 hitouts too. 
  2. Noah Anderson (134). Equally impressive line from Anderson. Had 38 touches (17 contested), 7 clearances, 10 tackles, 1 goal and 687 metres gained.
  3. Jack Higgins (132). Dangerous upfront with 5 goals and 22 touches roaming high up the ground to be a linkman. Career high score.
  4. Touk Miller (122). Standard operation here from Miller: 32 touches (16 contested), 10 clearances, 8 tackles, over 500 metres gained. One to aim for.
  5. Callum Wilkie (117). So underrated. 24 touches, 11 marks and 5 tackles to be the general down back. Ran @ 87% DE which helped him to his second ton in a row. 

Other 100+ scores: Sam Collins (115), Jack Sinclair (113), Will Powell (102), Hunter Clark (101)

Disappointment: Really tough to find one in this game so it’s going to be handed to King for a very quiet game of 23 points.

Rookies: Forward duo Phillipou (61) and Caminiti (64) just keep pumping out 60’s and theres nothing wrong with that for the moment. 18 touches (10 contested) plus 1 goal for the former, 9 touches and 2 goals for the latter. Bytel made his way back from injury but was the sub and only scored 10, and then got injured again, this time with an ankle. Paul Oea (42) had 11 touches and 4 tackles, he is on the bubble this week, while debuts went to pick number 6 from last years draft Humphrey (39) and 123K ruckman Moyle (64, 5 touches, 7 tackles, 35 hitouts), who was a late in for Witts. 

Injuries: Jeffrey was subbed off for the run and forward craft of Sexton, while I freaked out when I saw that Marshall was subbed off but it was just a tactical play. Bytel ankle injury as previously mentioned.

Sydney (9.10.64) defeated by Port Adelaide (9.12.66)

  1. Chad Warner (137). Hopefully the kickstart to 2023 he needed. Had the ball on a string with 30 touches (19 contested), 9 clearances and 2 goals plus over 500 metres gained.
  2. Ollie Florent (135). Feel for him, kicked looked home off the boot, but that shouldn’t take away from the insane game he had. 890 metres gained from his 33 touches running loose at half-back, kicking 1 goal earlier in the game.
  3. Jeremy Finlayson (134). Great game from Finlayson up front, kicking 3 goals from 18 touches and 8 marks to be close to, if not, best on ground.
  4. Jake Lloyd/Xavier Duursma (120). It’s pleasing seeing Lloyd on one of these lists again. 24 touches, no clangers, 9 marks, 507 metres gained and 87% DE, a reminder of the good times we had. Duursma posted a career best score from 22 touches (11 contested) plus 6 marks and 4 tackles.
  5. Charlie Dixon (116). Rounded out the top 5 scores with what I would consider a strange stat line for him. 15 touches (12 handballs) with 5 tackles, 8 hitouts, no scoreboard impact from his own boot and somehow, 18 contested possessions? Anyway, solid score all the same.

Other 100+ scores: Peter Ladhams (113), Aliir Aliir (111), Dane Rampe 108), Nick Blakey (106), Errol Gulden (102), Luke Parker (100)

Disappointment: It would take a brave coach to do it but former Brownlow medallist Ollie Wines (34) is going to be so cheap soon. Averaging 67.

Rookies: Only one to cover here was second gamer (first back in 2021) Dylan Williams (64), who is a 123K forward. 16 touches and 370 metres gained reads nicely, one to watch next week.

Injuries: Tactical sub used for the power with Junior Rioli being subbed off, but it was horrid news for the Swans with both the McCartin brothers being subbed off due to concussion.

Essendon (11.22.88) defeated GWS (11.9.75)

  1. Mason Redman (128). Made it three out of our tons to start the year but threw in a cheeky 49 last week so keep that in mind. 27 touches @ 88% DE with 494 metres gained plus 7 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal.
  2. Nick Haynes (117). Marked everything, clunking 17 of them plus finding 26 disposals of the ball while running at 80% DE.
  3. Zach Merrett (111). Not a single clanger from 28 touches for the Bombers skipper who drove a game high 629 metres gained from his disposals and topping it off with 1 goal.
  4. Sam Draper (109). Did a bit of everything in this one with 15 touches (13 contested), 5 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal and 24 hitouts for this first ton of the year.
  5. Jake Stringer/Josh Kelly (108). Stringer could’ve gone huge but slammed home 4 goals/6 behinds from his 15 touches (still a great game though), while Kelly matched his score thanks to 28 touches, 2 goals, 6 tackles and over 500 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: If you didn’t start with Coniglio, you’ll be able to get him cheap soon after he backed up last weeks 58 with this score of 71.

Rookies: If you started Buckley, I’m jealous, because he’s been super. Another great game of 14 touches, 6 marks and 7 tackles resulting in 80 points for him as his cash grows and grows. Same can be said for Daniels (86), who had 22 touches and 1 goal. Someone’s cash who won’t grow is Stone (14) who now has 3 sub games in row, resulting in a 16 point average. Rowston’s third game was quiet, just 37 points from 7 touches and strangely 57% time on ground. Davey Jnr and Menzie did their thing up forward, scoring 45 and 75 respectively to hit their BE. 

Injuries: Weideman copped a hip to the head and never got back on after a concussion test, while Stone was the sub for GWS. Davey Jnr did have his shoulder strapped but played on.

West Coast (9.9.63) defeated by Melbourne (19.12.126)

  1. Brodie Grundy (144). Second big score in a row. Dominated the ruck contest against a learning Williams, finishing with 22 touches (13 contested), 7 clearances, 6 tackles and 33 hitouts.
  2. Tim Kelly (139). Played a somewhat lone hand in the middle for the injury hit Eagles, finishing with 36 touches (16 contested), 6 marks, 5 tackles, 2 goals and a game high 703 metres gained.
  3. Jack Viney (131). Tough at the contest as one would expect, finishing with 22 touches (15 contested), 7 clearances, 6 tackles, 1 goal and clean use @ 81% DE.
  4. Trent Rivers (124). Career best score from Rivers back in his home state, finding 27 touches (11 contested) plus 6 tackles and 445 metres gained (second for the team).
  5. Clayton Oliver (121). Exactly what you’d expect. 34 touches (18 contested), 10 tackles, 10 clearances. A triple-double but AFL style.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Barrass (116), Tom McDonald (111), Christian Petracca (103)

Disappointment: The usually reliable Hurn turned in his worst score of the year so far, finishing on just 65 from 12 touches.

Rookies: If I didn’t have a rule of avoiding rookies in the disappointment section, Ginbey (40) would’ve been up in the section above. Everyone has him so it doesn’t sting too much. Hewett (24), Long (49) and Cole (54) didn’t fare much better. Edwards (68) is just under 200k in the midfield and had his first game of the year, collecting 16 touches (12 contested). No complaints from Chandler (59) or McVee (70) owners, as they reached their breakeven with ease, although a better score next week would be helpful to keep up the cash generation. Van Rooyen is on the bubble next week and should be considered as a downgrade target, he scored 53 fro 9 disposals and 2 goals.

Injuries: No injuries seemingly, Hibberd and Yeo (12 touches, 5 marks, 57 points for those who’ll be keeping an eye on him) the ones subbed out for tactical reasons. Reading that Hibberd was actually had an achilles issue and Lever had a knee on the offical match report.


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