9 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v Melbourne”

  1. TU – Van rooyen
    TD – chandler

    One Will be F6. If I pass on Van rooyen here I doubt I’ll get him next week. Won’t have a fattened or failed cow to move on too him.


  2. With Witts out and no league wins in sight I’ve nothing to lose so chucked the C on Grundy!! Is it next year yet?? Haha


  3. Got the C on Oliver

    Expecting a sub 100 score

    My picking of V & C this season has been abysmal.

    Looks like the rucks are the ones to captain this season as they cannot be tagged.


  4. Rookies Ginbey and Chandler showing us they are indeed rookies…

    I have the latter on field and he needs to beat Cole by 4 points for me to win 10/10 leagues!

    Expecting the Demons to put their foot down in the second half and win by 10+ goals.

    Yeo not showing us much either…


    1. Got it done with exactly a 4 point swing to take it by 1 point.
      You pinged my streak as you were my only loss.


  5. Gidday all, just a general commet, but what a waste for SC teams having G+ G in the same team. Traded in Grundy for Cameron but realise that at some stage he will have to go.



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