Polling Station – Round 6

Written by Dane on April 17 2023

Got an idea that would work for the site this week? Chuck it in the comments below and some will find their way into a thread later on in the week!

Remember to keep suggestions general, and use this thread for any individual dilemmas.


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12 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 6”

  1. What about a poll on the top 6-8-2-6 on
    Each line?
    I’ve got most of the top players on each line but it’s the last 2-3 and 4 that I’m struggling to see any clear evidence on who that might be.


    1. Think it’s a great suggestion: for mine the best options actually look like they have played more than 2 games (Johnson and Roberts) or potentially only the 1 game (Mitchell, Gould!, Long, Wagner) so would be great to see what the community thinks – maybe picking 2 of the group as your downgrades in the poll.


  2. A philosophical trade conundrum for coaches to mull over.
    I am interested in trading in Seamus Mitchell after round 6 when I will know whether he holds his place with Day returning.
    My query is how to structure the trade.
    I could transfer Callaghan or Bowes and get Mitchell and a fallen premium for about $500k.
    Maybe just cash in one of them as neither has hit their BE.
    Trade out a non playing rookie such as Constable or Chesser or maybe even Davey or Caminiti.
    Don’t make much money but have another warm body on field.
    What are the coaches thoughts between option 1 (thumbs up) and option 2 (thumbs down).
    Comments are always welcome.


  3. Has the MRO lost the plot on tackling after suspending not one, not 2, but 3 players for tackles that had no impact on the tackled player…….

    The real poll could be will you trade or hold Merrett and Green for their one week suspensions (add Taylor Adams if you want too, although not sure many have him)


    1. In other thread it’s 5-2 against moving him to Laird! Is there another Uber premo I should be thinking about:)



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