Polling Station – Round 8

Written by The Salamander on May 3 2021

Got a poll you’d like to see on SCT? Just suggest your poll in the comments below, and if the community deems it worthwhile, we’ll have that poll. Easy!

Unlike our more usual TU/TD threads, the thumbs here are for indicating whether or not you think a particular proposed poll is worth having, not voting in said poll.

So, what polls would you like to see this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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19 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 8”

  1. Best rookie options. Poulter, Byrnes, Owies, Edwards, RCD, Bryan, Madden?

    Also is May a must for 400k?


    1. For clarity, can we indicate the minimum number of SC points (averages) required to be considered a keeper on each line.


    1. If you’ve held him this long through all his price drops … yu have to hold now and treat as a mid pricer fail and hold in your M8 role … luxury trade out at the end if you can upgrade all your other roles (this, if you have been burning through trades like just about everyone else) …


    2. As a current Cripps owner I actually reckon it’s a must trade. Whilst yes we have already endured a huge loss in his price at this rate it’s still looking to get down to 400k. He’s just not scoring anywhere near a premo would and I feel he’s getting hard done by champion data. Scores of 60s when he is getting 20 plus touches is a massive difference to the likes of Walsh, Oliver and Steele which is similar to a normal upgrade from a rookie to a premo. Personally don’t think it’s a luxury trade anymore


      1. 2 years ago he would get +12 points for a handball and +2 points for kicking OOF. Now the tables have turned


  2. Who should we trade out first? Rookies that are maxed out or non playing rookies.
    I only had 1 playing on the bench on the weekend



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