Polls: How Are You Travelling?

Written by The Salamander on July 29 2020

Eight rounds in, and with a rather unusual few weeks of football ahead of us, now seems like a good time to see how everyone’s team is travelling.


We’ll start with the obvious one:

Where are you currently ranked?

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A lot of people seem to be struggling with cash generation this year. How have you been going?

What is your current team value?

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And what are you playing for?

Which matters more to you?

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Finally, and before any moves you’re planning to make for this week, how many trades have you got left?

How many trades do you have left?

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Anyone who answers 34 can explain themselves in the comments below. 😆


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17 thoughts on “Polls: How Are You Travelling?”

  1. 2020 has been a bit of a dumpster fire for me. Just inside top 50k (finished top 400 last year). Solid mix of bad luck and lots of injuries (Dunkley, Fyfe, Doedee, Howe, Naismith, Dusty, Cegler and more), and then some terrible decisions which I can’t blame on anything (like choosing Rozee over Petracca in round 2 or 3).
    Has certainly been an interesting year if nothing else I suppose. Good to see some of the community doing well though.


  2. Somehow was ranked 1000 before last weekend but had to field a 0 and dropped to approx 1900 overall.

    Pretty happy with that effort though.


  3. My best start so far.Got as high as 232 after round 4,but now slipped to 1925.A couple of rounds with donuts in defence hasn’t helped and panicking on the ess/Melb issue and trading Gawn to Spittonet was a stupid,dumb inexperienced move.This site is so helpful,good luck to all during this upcoming headache.


  4. Rough. Roughest season yet, really. But remedying the situation, I was outside the top 50,000 and have clawed myself back to 30,000th or so.

    Shortened season and the provision of 5 trades before the season restart threw my strategy out of whack. Should’ve held strong on Brayshaw and Houston.

    Have had some terrible injury luck along the way as well.

    My upgrade on Brayshaw was Heeney – out for the season
    My upgrade on Houston was Stewart – injured the week I trade him in.
    My sideways on Dunkley when he got injured was Fyfe – injured the week I trade him in.

    Hoping the chaos of the ensuing few weeks will give me an opportunity to make up some ground.


  5. 502 Overall and pretty happy because I have 6 Bombers and Dees in my team, so I will be able to field 18 players each bye round.
    This year has been frustrating but fun at the same time and as the players themselves have to adapt to so many unplanned situations so are we. I am just glad footy is still playing and we can play SC. I am sure it would be the last man standing and luck will play a big role , so, good luck to all.


    1. jeez – bloody great level mate! well done … obviously round 3 didn’t hurt you as bad as many??


  6. Having a shocker this year. Sitting just inside the top 20k.
    I must say that I am not loving all the extra trades floating about as I feel it takes a bit of the strategy out of the game. (not saying that’s why I’m doing poorly though)


  7. So the season is already half way of the way done..
    How are we all going ?

    I’ve used two trades* before tonights game and have a bank of $39K

    Def…Houston Doc Short Hurn Starc B McKay*
    Bench.Williamson (E) O’Connor

    Mids..Neale Macrae Satan Jelly Yeo Cripps Pickett ( E ) Hibberd
    Bench..Budarick McInerney Rivers.

    Rucks..Grundy Ryder
    Bench.. Comben

    Forwards.. Petracca Whitfield Dusty B Smith* D Smith Rankine
    Bench.. Taylor ( E ) Sturt

    Close coming in ( if named ) for McInerney.

    Giving me a total of $162K to play with next week.

    Whats everyone else look like ?


      1. Maybe ?

        He’s been pretty good in both his games. I think his form is solid enough to hold his spot.
        I’m not sold on T Watson as he was a “late in “when Cox was withdrawn. He may get named, but as I need to commit to raise the funds for Baz. I’m going the “safer ” option in McKay.

        I would be interested to here from any North fans ?

        Roo Bloke ?
        TrooRoo ?


          1. I went Close now. Everybody else is anyway 🙂

            I have Williamson (E) and I can deal with S Hill, if and when I know more.

            Thanks Hazza 😉


    1. I’m actually pretty happy with my team considering this is my first ever year playing. Ranked Top 12k and have been really consistent.
      1 trade made before tonight Vandermeer > McPherson for some bench cover with byes next week.
      Defs: Lloyd, Sic, Crisp, Doch, Short, Day (McPherson, Gould)
      Mids: Neale, Danger, Titch, Yeo, D Smith, Green [soon to become Oliver], Simpson, McInerney [soon to become Close] (Pickett, Bennel, Rivers)
      Rucks: Grawndy (Conroy)
      Fwds: Trac, Simpkin, Whitfield, Dusty, Rankine, Taylor (Budarick, Sturt)
      60k in the bank after the 3 likely trades.


  8. 315. Got hurt in rd 3 but having Gawn/Oliver/Petracca has been huge pts last 2 weeks. Trading hard to keep moving up hopefully. Devon Smith the thorn in my side but shouldnt bleed cash at least.


  9. Oh man, where do I begin? It’s been by far my worst year in history.

    Started Stewart, Fyfe and Whitfield who all got injured, as well as Bont, Martin and Cogs who have all been underwhelming. Was baited by Rozee and Simpkin. Traded in Selwood, Ziebell before they were injured. Brought in Sicily and Doedee before they scored almost 100 beneath their projections. Rowell happened same as it did for everyone else, but when you couple it with the rest of my luck it hit like a ton of bricks.

    I copped so much carnage I found myself stuck with a donut for 3 weeks running at one point.

    Cursed doesn’t begin to describe this season.



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