The Fallen Premiums – Rd 9, 2020

Written by Chillo on July 29 2020

So I hope you all enjoyed yesterday, the last footy-free day for the next three weeks! The impending four rounds of AFL version 2020 promise at least two things: a lot of great footy, and a tantalising Supercoach challenge. With teams for each game not being named until the evening prior, that rolling lockout is set to play havoc with your trades and I imagine there’s going to be a fair bit of educated guessing going on out there. All I can offer to help you is this: plan your trades early, but make them as late as possible. And have a plan B, C, D….

Here are the Fallen Premiums!


Caleb DANIEL (WBD), $533 500 (-$4.4K), avg 106, BE 83 – I honestly can’t believe this bloke is a Fallen Premium, that’s how much I rate him. If you’ve caught the videos doing the rounds in the Twittersphere you’ll know that Daniel is arguably the most reliable kick in the league. As the Dogs designated delivery man he gets plenty of chances in each game to show off that particular skill, and for Supercoach this equates to wonderfully consistent scoring. Caleb has recorded five tons in his past six starts, with a low score of 81. This is a comfortable set-and-forget option for your backline that doubles as a great POD at only 8% ownership.

Just quickly – As forecast last week, Shannon Hurn ($420 800, avg 89, BE 45) has officially bottomed out after posting his first ton since round 1 on Sunday. I’m not sure anyone disliked the hub life more from a footy perspective than Bunga, but he’s home now and it’s time for Supercoaches to cash in. Averaged 103 last year and a run of games on his favoured Optus Stadium should see him get close to the number again in 2020.

Backing it up….
Tom Stewart, $451K, BE 162 *blue light special next week*
Callum Mills, $571K, BE 150
Brayden Maynard, $511K, BE 132
Sam Docherty, $474K, BE 128


Just a ridiculous array of midfield options this week. If you’re running a bit short on premiums through the guts, then check out out this bevy of ball-winning wonders!

Josh KELLY (GWS), $586 200 (-$51.5K), avg 116, BE 60 – And for about the billionth time, this game reminds me why you shouldn’t trade premiums. Kelly missed round 3 with a calf twinge that turned out to be an exceptionally minor affair. Last week he racked up 26 possessions (15 contested) and 8 tackles for a suspiciously inflated score of 195 points – but I’m sure his owners don’t mind! Just absolute class from brow to bootlaces and as long as he stays on the field, he’ll again be one of the more elite midfielders that Supercoach has to offer.

Luke PARKER (SYD), $530 800 (-$39.9K), avg 110, BE 63 – The textbook definition of a Fallen Premium this week is Parker, who has amassed seven tons from 8 games this year. The odd one out is the 45 point bomb he dropped against the Tigers three weeks ago, which now drops out of his price cycle and undoubtedly puts the Swans champ at his absolute base value for the year. There may be some minor issues here with upcoming tags so consider yourself warned, although Sydney is struggling so much this year maybe opposition teams won’t bother and just play conventional winning footy instead?

As an added bonus, you get to yell out “PARKAHHH” every time he does something good.

Zach MERRETT (ESS), $524 600 (-$49K), avg 108, BE 83 – Curiously inconsistent season thus far from the Bombers ball magnet, but Zach has an undeniably outstanding scoring history. He looked superb in his 135 points against the admittedly struggling Crows last weekend, which included 33 possessions and six tackles. Still averaging 108 despite a couple of decidedly off-colour efforts in 2020, so imagine what he’s going to do if starts stringing some good games together? No upcoming bye for Merrett is an added bonus – as long as he doesn’t hand out any more “love taps”.

Andrew GAFF (WCE), $507 700 (-$75.5K), avg 107, BE 84 – The Eagles wingman loves the wide open spaces on his home turf at Optus. Averages 110 ppg in 25 career games there. Guess where he plays his next three?

Just quicklyTim Kelly ($550 700, avg 103, BE 74), Stephen Coniglio ($522 500, avg 101, BE 62), and Dayne Zorko ($509 700, avg 91, BE 83) have all featured here in recent weeks and all are running into some red-hot form. Kelly in particular is clearly loving his new surrounds, and I’m sure the 12% of coaches that feature him in their midfields share that sentiment!

Limbo land….
Nat Fyfe, $639K, BE 227
Lachie Neale, $684K, BE 170
Travis Boak, $519K, BE 158
Mitch Duncan, $531K, BE 157 *blue light special next week*
Tom Mitchell, $562K, BE 149


Rowan MARSHALL (STK), $516 400 (-$82.3K), avg 100, BE 75 – Grundy had a rare shocker, English crashed back to earth and Goldy stepped on a banana peel. Enter St Rowan. Despite the presence of the dreaded second ruckman, Marshall still smashed out a mammoth 160 against the Power, which included 13 contested possessions and two majors. You could do better for a lot more dough, but if ya don’t got it then ya can’t spend it…and Marshall could be the answer.

Todd Goldstein, $627K, BE 200
Brodie Grundy, $637K, BE 176


Toby GREENE (GWS), $503 500 (-$6.6K), avg 101, BE 52 – Ugh. Alright, let me get this over and done with like I’m ripping off a band-aid. Greene played an awesome game last week; in fact, he basically single-handedly dragged the Giants across the finishing line in a fashion few other players in the comp are capable of. If anything 166 points felt like it was bit of an undersell for an 18 possession, five goal stat line. Don’t forget that he’s already missed two games this year, but he is uber-talented and Toby on the park is a sure-fire top 6 forward. There it is, and I wish you all the best!

He kicks a goal. Then he struts. Then he takes a hanger, and struts some more. Then he gives away a free, and still he struts…

Dustin MARTIN (RIC), $466 200 (-$76.8K), avg 93, BE 71 – Dusty’s form has matched his moniker so far this season, which has sparked theories that the former Brownlow medallist might be on the slide. Until you remember that he started the 2019 season a bit slow too. And 2018. And 2017, too. And….well, you get the idea. The past fortnight has seen Martin notch back-to-back tons for the first time this year, and he’s now available with a handy discount after being one of the most popular forward picks in the pre-season.

Just quickly – I promise this is the final time I mention Lachie Whitfield ($492 000, avg 90, BE 76), who now has three tons on the trot but is still available for less than half a mill. Last chance saloon, people.

Forward thinking….
Jy Simpkin, $489K, BE 201
Tom Hawkins, $527K, BE 148


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19 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 9, 2020”

  1. If you had to pick one mid premium to be bringing in this week. Who would you pick?
    I’ve already got Neale, Danger, Titch, Yeo, Whitfield, Dusty


    1. Hazza, Depends on your finals strategy. I’ll have J.Kelly, Fyfe, T. Kelly, Oliver , Parker, Steele on my radar. Oliver this round because he has not bye, But if you have 6 premo mids, why don’t you strenghten other lines and after the byes pick up the remaining 2 uber premos that are must have from R14? You may get one or 2 fallen premos..but thats me.


      1. I’ve already got Dusty forward and I’m planning on swinging Whitfield forward eventually. So I’ve really only got 4 premium mids. This is my first year playing supercoach, what do you mean by finals strategy?


    2. Gotta be Parker this week. Perfectly positioned after 1 bad game a couple of weeks ago against Richmond. Aside from that, his other 7 scores are: 125, 109, 113, 120, 110, 141 and 113!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh yeah, and he’s only $531k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Was ready for Merrett with no bye and POD then realised he was towelled you by Deboer last time Essendon played Gws
    Will get Whitfield back in


    1. Shiel is back this week, surely they tag him with the form he has showed this year. Any Essendon or GWS supporters have any thoughts here?


      1. As a dons fan i strongly suspect they will tag Merrett.

        They’ve done so in the past successfully and Zaz does struggle to break a tag (more so than Shiel). Also as much as Shiel looks the part Zach is far more damaging by foot.


  3. Aim for top 6- top 10 players on all lines. Some people love having full premo early, for this, some players may not be uber premo but consistent overall(I adopt this strategy). Others prefer having all must have uber premos for the last 3 rounds of the year. For this you have to have nailed your cash generation. This year it could be different still, but you should plan that post byes you shouldn’t have rookies on field if you can. Many will, most will not.


    1. Makes sense. Cheers Jeannot! I’ll probably grab Oliver this week and see what happens after that. Thanks for the help!


  4. Duncan locked to come in next week, but this week looks to be one of Parker, Bont or Oliver. Leaning towards Parker purely on price, but paying up for Oliver could be worth it. Bont also has a good run of games coming up.


    1. Parker – Oliver – Bont

      – Parker (refer to comment earlier in post)
      – Oliver (solid option, but he was only averaging about 110 before last week’s 177, so spending nearly $600k for a 110 average is potentially an overspend)
      – Bont (can’t see the value, hasn’t shown enough this year to give me confidence, Parker a much better option at that pricepoint)


  5. Why do i get the feeling that my PODs in Parker and Duncan are about to lose their POD status!!


  6. TU: Ridley
    TD: C Daniel

    Comment: Sicily or Lloyd at an higher price tag or wait and hope one for a bad game and a drop in price

    *playing for league not overall


    1. I couldn’t think of a reason to recommend a guy with a 5RA of 82. Well done if you brought him in though!



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