Polls: Rookies, In & Out

Written by The Salamander on May 26 2021

Being upgrade season, most teams will have a lot of rookies going in and out at the moment. The trick is making sure they’re the right rookies in both directions.

Who should we trade out first? Three choices.

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Who should we bring in this week?

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Finally, Changkuoth Jiath has now posted a couple of sub-par scores in a row, and his BE is up to 118. Is it time to say goodbye?

What should we do with CJ?

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For a numbers-based look at the above questions, be sure to check out Father Dougal’s Cow Talk when it drops later this afternoon!


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4 thoughts on “Polls: Rookies, In & Out”

  1. Scott>Madden (no brainer)
    Brockman>Weightman (cull a dead rookie, gets a good cash cow)

    17 trades left before, 6 rookies on field
    Allows me to upgrade e.g. Robertson or Jordan next week


    1. Tough split.

      I like Madden’s DPP if you’re taking him as a fwd, means when it comes time to downgrade Kosi or Highmore you’ve got flexibility in picking up a forward or defensive rookie on the bubble. Also…the extra $50k could be helpful. I suspect if you take him, he sticks around on your bench for the rest of the year, so price rises might not be as important as positional flexibility.

      Love the way Weightman goes about it though, and could see him holding his spot more easily than Madden – might be a better on-field and injury cover option through the back half of the season. Could also see him making more money than Madden in the long run, which might offset the initial cost difference if you end up in a position to downgrade him later.



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