Polls: The State Of Your Team

Written by The Salamander on May 11 2021

Dazza suggested we follow up last week’s polls on keepers and remaining trades with a few more along the same line, and I thought it sounded like a good idea.

We’ll start with the obvious question: how is your team going?

What is your team currently ranked?

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And how much cash do you have in the bank?

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Dazza also suggested the concept of ‘live’ and ‘dead’ rookies, where ‘live’ means they’re likely to get to around $250K or better, and ‘dead’ means that they’re either unlikely to get to that, or they’re unlikely to even play again.

How many 'live' rookies do you have in your team (bench included)?

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How about 'dead' rookies?

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Finally, to finish us off, I thought we should also answer the same question, but about mid-pricers who are scoring like mid-pricers (or, in other words, list-cloggers).

How many list-cloggers have you got?

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Got an idea for a poll you’d like to see this week? Let us know over in the Polling Station thread.


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25 thoughts on “Polls: The State Of Your Team”

  1. For midpricers I am unclear what I have in my team as my defence is very up and down. Brodie Smith, Daniel, Williams are 3 that have been very up and down and the only real genuine one would be Daniher


    1. Yeah there’s a bit of interpretation on this one I guess. Some will view Tex as a keeper and others as a list clogger after a couple of dud scores. I’ve got Hunter Clark down back that’s averaging 91. Not quite good enough but serviceable enough that he can maybe be the last problem I fix.


  2. Great poll. I have 9 live rookies, 4 dead which includes two loops and Highmore/Waterman, and one clogger….Lukosious. That leaves possibly 16 keepers.
    Why is my team so crap ??


    1. I brought in Lukosius as well after Rd. 2 when he was averaging 110+ and getting heaps of pill.

      Been looking for a time to move him on but defusing fires everywhere else means he still is in my backline scoring 60s. Same for Cripps although I started with him.


  3. Down to 16 keepers with Boltons nightclub injury. Probably bring Mitchell in for Bolton, 5 rookies on field – Powell, Jordon, Warner, Scott and Poulter/Rowe.

    Was looking at bringing in 2 more keepers this week but Bolton ruined that. Tough season of SC with all the injuries on and off the field.

    Downgrades are looking a little thin over the next couple of weeks so just trying to get the worst rookies off the field and hoping some of the dead rookies come back to life this week or next.

    Be great if Waterman can come in for the injured Stringer and the Hawks look a little tall in the forward line so hoping Brockman can make his way into the team as a small pressure forward. Sadly it looks like the Saints need a dozen injuries for Highmore to get another game.

    Awesome that we get all the teams on Thursday this week.


  4. Why oh why is zero dead rookies even an option?!?! I want to meet the SC Guru that has avoided the zombie rookie carnage.


  5. Top 15k with $135k in the bank but playing cash league only. Currently happily playing Powell, Jordan & Warner each week. Also currently playing Kozzie and 3 of Scott, O’Neill, Rowe, Berry & H Jones. Dead sticks are Highmore, L Jones, Sharp, Treacy & Campbell and I don’t have any half breed Premo’s !

    I am thinking of trading out Campbell and Highmore to Poulter and Darcy Moore (d6) this week, which will finally give me some bench cover down back and flexibility to bring Laird into Mids if Kozzie goes which I can do a couple of times over the next few weeks. I have had to trade out Caleb Daniel when he was suspended and Luke Ryan last week to avoid a zero which is getting annoying. But there are many out there far worse off I know !


  6. Thanks Salamander,

    Very helpful stuff, fingers crossed some of the dead rookies reappear. I think cash gen is going be the limiting factor this year.


  7. I’m doing a double down this week.

    Campbell and J Clark to..

    RCD and Poulter.

    $445K banked.

    Rookies on field.

    Kosi… Plays North and loves playing in Tasmania !

    * Swans playing the Pies. I’m hoping Gulden and Warner fire.

    Warm bench

    Mid Berry
    Fwd Rowe

    Next weeks double upgrade.. I’m looking at getting in Ridley and either Dusty or a Premo Mid.


      1. Not yet.

        I’m actually pretty stacked with R12 and 14 Bye players.

        I could get him now and miss RCD.
        The temptation is strong with them playing North in Tassie.

        I just feel cash flow has been so poor, I need some guys making $$
        RCD must get a decent run now with Bolton and Edwards missing.

        I may pay an extra $25K for Mitchell but RCD should make double that this round.

        Short term pain for long term gain.


    1. I’m considering keeping j Clark if he gets a game and trading Gulden.
      I think J Clark scores consistently better and should still make cash Gulden not so much.


      1. I hear you Bomber, but I’m fast running out of patience.

        J Clarks JS is just so poor, I don’t trust him to play through the Byes.

        I will hold Gulden ( *depending on his score ) as he’s got solid JS and should play the first 2 Bye rounds.

        *If he fails, (< 60 ) He's an upgrade ( to a Bye friendly player ) next week.


  8. 16 keeper’s. 18 trades…
    2 down this week.
    2 up next week,
    Which will move 2 playing rookies onto bench.
    Will hold rookies like Powell, Jordan, kos, Scott & McNeil for their byes regardless of price drops trade them out on their bye.
    All sounds good.
    Probs won’t happen like I want it to hahaha


  9. Planning to keep as many of Powell, Jordan, Warner, Gulden, Rowe, McNeil and Scott until their byes as they are all playing while my premos find different ways to get injured.
    Only problem is I then have to hope new rookies have emerged to replace them.


  10. I cant seem to find the option, to the question how is your team going:

    #$#@@$ed seems to be missing??? Can you add that option please?

    Also, list cloggers now officially include so callled Premos in Cripps, Dusty and Brayshaw


  11. Back 6 is set with Lloyd Mills Laird, Short,Bowes and Ridley.
    My mids McRae Bont Mitchell Merrett, Walsh 3 to go there. That’ll take 6 trades.
    Rucks Grawndy with Flynn for cash. Possibly a trade to Campbell. (1)
    Fwds. Ziebell and possibly Daniher. The rest are a quandary . There’s 8-9 trades to fix that up.
    I’m hoping Highmore will feature in the back half of the season and can be my d7.
    Philips is my list clogger that will have to go soon.
    Powell will be a trade at his Bye.
    He’ll tire in the last half of the season.
    Still to trade out (cash in)
    Gulden, Powell, Phillips, Bergman, Scott, Poulter, Campbell, Might Squeeze 4 fallen prems there. But realistically the sums above suggest I need 8 to complete my team.
    It’s going to be tight.


  12. 17 I’m calling keepers, plus Jordan and Powell on the field at present.

    My biggest gaps are still mids and forward, and Heeney and Dusty will come in as pricing allows to complete that forward lineup.

    Then it’s just rustling up the cash for extra mids, or another defender or forward and using the dpps.

    Down to 15 trades though.



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