Polls: Trade Or Hold

Written by The Salamander on June 1 2021

After starting the year on fire, Changkuoth Jiath has had a lot more down scores than he has had up ones lately. It’s now his bye; is it time to move him on?

What to do with CJ?

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Much the same as above could be also be said of his teammate, Jarman Impey.

What about Impey?

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Finally, with Brodie Grundy set to miss two to three weeks (all the bye rounds, essentially), is it worth moving him on?

What to do with Grundy?

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12 thoughts on “Polls: Trade Or Hold”

    1. If you’re nowhere in the overall and you’re struggling in your primary league then yeah, time for some high risk options to try and make the finals.


    1. I have Steele. So, I would be prioritizing on the player who best suits my bye structure. Parish is in sizzling form and Miller presents a POD. For me, it might come down to who I can afford as well.


      1. On recent form it’d have to be Parish you’d think. Miller isn’t much behind though.

        Of course, if you needed the extra $50k for another upgrade you were planning Steele might be better.


        1. Cheers for the responses guys but me being a fool didn’t realise I could afford Macrae! Might have to consider one of those three next week though.

          Most like going
          Daniher, Flynn, Jordon >
          Macrae, Heeney, Reeves


  1. With the majorty holding impey, is that because you see him stayin in his old role? I guess would be worth at least holding him during the byes as a warm body and seeing his role


    1. I’m holding Impey..

      A. He will get me through the Byes and..

      B. There’s so few genuine forward options.

      I already have Zorko . Ziebell . Dusty and Impey.

      I’m targeting Hall ( R13 ) and maybe *Danger (R14) to “Finish ” my forwards.
      * Danger is dependent on if he drops below $550K

      If he ( Impey ) doesn’t retain his HB role, I thought about a luxury trade to a Hind- Dale type post Byes. I think I would rather get in a cheap KPP forward ( MacKay – Cameron ) and loop them with Impey at F6-7.

      As for Jiath, his time is up.

      There’s just so many backline options and I can’t watch him bleed cash any longer.

      Jiath to Whitfield “completes” my Backline.

      Mills . Laird . Whitfield . Stewart . Short . Ridley .

      I will probably run Laird in the midfield for a few weeks post Byes, and leave Jones at D6 as my last upgrade.

      Grundy is a HOLD!

      This is probably the best time for this to happen, Best 18 for three weeks make him “coverable.” Fingers crossed Ned Reeves gets up for R13, as he may be needed on field.

      Thanks for the poll Sal.


  2. Here’s my take on the Brodie Grundy trade. The good father could explain it better, but here we go.

    Points = Money, Money = Points. For fully priced players, anyway.

    So 1) Assuming you keep Grundy, and ridiculously optimistically he misses just the 3, and comes straight back to his average 126.

    (3 * 0) + (9* 126) = 1234 points

    Assumption 2) You bring in NicNat
    (1*0) + (11*112) = 1232 points
    Looks like a worst case scenario

    Asssumption 3) You bring in Steele or an equivalent midfielder (Assumption involves a back up ruck like Flynn, Reeves, CCJ etc which most of you had planned for the bye anyway)

    (1*0) + (11 * 115) = 1265 points

    Of course either Assumption 2 or 3 should also earn you another $50k to put to another upgrade, and we’re not counting those points, yet. If we throw the roughly 8-10 points in per round your $50k better upgrade gives you, then you can add another 80-100 points to assumptions 2 and 3, and it becomes just worth it. Just over a hundred points over the whole season.

    But, for whole of season, yeah, doesn’t seem to much different at first glance.


    We’re not even looking at the bye rounds and this is where it becomes critical.

    You’re talking being one star player short in the bye’s, and therefore a spud erm depth player on the field.

    So for those 2 critical weeks rather than wearing a 30-35 ish score you’ll have a 115 point player instead.

    That’s an additional 160 point leg up in those two weeks.

    Is that enough for a trade? Only you know how many trades you have left.

    Most importantly remember these assumptions are based on an immediate return to form from Grundy, and only 2 weeks missed, and no repercussions to him from lockdown.

    That’s a lot of if’s.


  3. Hold Grundy through the bye rounds since only top 18 score.
    Given Impey’s role he should be scoring again soon.
    Use Jiath to get through the byes, then trade.


  4. Jiath to Whitfield & Brockman to Bianco
    TU: This week to give more options next week
    TD: Next week to make sure they’re playing.
    Comment: Just one of them


  5. With regard to the Grundy injury, I had exactly the same injury when I was 15 and playing footy. A full-frontal shirt front when I was taking a chest mark and my head was over the ball. My head took most of the impact and I heard a loud crack in my neck, then my left arm/shoulder went numb and it was temporarily paralyzed for about 5 minutes. The numbness stayed for the rest of the day and was replaced by pain. What really annoyed me was I didn’t even get a free kick as the ball spilled out on impact. I experienced excruciating pain for about 48 hours and then thought I’d recovered. But I hadn’t! It took me months to recuperate and due to the nerve damage I lost my reflex response. This was back in the 70’s where the only physio that was done was on old people, definitely not young teenagers. This debilitating side effect made me look incompetent for a long time and even made me pull out of the state basketball team. I don’t know how bad Grundy’s injury is, I don’t know how physio will help in recovery, (probably heaps) but nerve damage can be a very frustrating injury to recover from. Especially in his position where he will be required to raise his shoulders continually above his head to ruck. This is where he is going to find it difficult. So knowing this I am trading Grundy. I am betting that when he returns he will not be at full capacity, and his price will drop, but as I’m not rich, it must mean that I have lost a lot of bets in my life. Anyway, that is my 10 cents worth. I can afford that 🙂



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