Practice Match Game Chat – West Coast vs Fremantle

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on February 25 2022

West Coast v Fremantle at Optus Stadium (4.40pm AEST).


2. Jake Waterman, 3. Andrew Gaff, 4. Dom Sheed, 6. Elliot Yeo, 7. Zac Langdon, 8. Jack Redden, 9. Nic Naitanui, 11. Tim Kelly, 17. Josh Kennedy, 18. #Campbell Chesser, 19. #Brady Hough, 20. Jeremy McGovern, 21. Jack Petruccelle, 22. #Isiah Winder, 23. Alex Witherden, 24. Xavier O’Neill, 25. Shannon Hurn, 29. Luke Foley, 30. Jackson Nelson, 31. Jamaine Jones, 32. Bailey Williams, 33. Tom Blechynden*, 35. Josh Rotham, 36. Connor West, 37. Tom Barrass, 38. Toby McQuilkin*, 40. #Callum Jamieson, 41. Hugh Dixon*, 42. Harry Edwards, 43. Tyler Keitel*, 44. Willie Rioli

*SSP hopeful

Notable absentees: Liam Ryan, Sam Petrevski-Seton, Oscar Allen, Luke Shuey, Liam Duggan, Jamie Cripps, Tom Cole


2. Griffin Logue, 3. Caleb Serong, 5. Lachlan Schulz, 6. Jordan Clark, 8. Andrew Brayshaw, 9. Blake Acres, 12. Mitchell Crowden, 14. Nathan Wilson, 15. Ethan Hughes, 16. David Mundy, 17. Will Brodie, 19. Connor Blakely, 20. Matt Taberner, 22. Lloyd Meek, 23. Liam Henry, 25. Alex Pearce, 26. Hayden Young, 27. Heath Chapman, 30. #Nathan O’Driscoll, 32. Minairo Frederick, 33. Travis Colyer, 34. Joel Western, 36. Brennan Cox, 37. Rory Lobb, 39. Sam Switkowski, 41. Bailey Banfield

Notable absentees: Sean Darcy, Nat Fyfe, Michael Walters, James Aish, Luke Ryan, Darcy Tucker, Joel Hamling, Jye Amiss, #Neil Erasmus


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18 thoughts on “Practice Match Game Chat – West Coast vs Fremantle”

  1. Explosive start by Brayshaw, with 4 touches, 2 ground ball gets and a goal assist in the first 6 minutes.


  2. WCE :
    Hugh Dixon, Ex Fremantle (SSP hopeful)– “I thought he was probably our best player. He had some shots on goal, rucked in the last quarter and showed some good signs. He’s got a good footy brain.” Adam Simpson


  3. FT – both Will Brodie and Liam Henry looked good in this game. I see that you like Ralphsmith from the Tigs Cats game – but where do these two stack up against him as cheap forward options?

    Not sure he is SC relevant, but loved the look of Jordan Clark off HB too.


  4. This is tough.

    I watched this game closely. So will try to give my best assessment.
    Brodie , Pro’s..looks great in the clinches and did some good blocking and played well when given a chance. He’s a good clearance player. Cons .. Slow, terrible endurance, I’m not sure he can run both ways enough to secure a spot. I have Crowden ahead of him, They played a similar role, Crowden is smaller but has pace and endurance. If Crowden plays he could be a sneaky option, he would need the mid time though.
    They also both may get kicked out by Mundy and Tucker. The next game with these guys back should give us a better idea.

    Henry.. Pro’s. looked slick when he got the ball.He is highly skilled. He drilled a pass to a leading forward for a great goal. He looks to be getting one of those wing roles. Cons.. Only has scoring history as a Forward. I’m not sure he can accumulate enough in a new role to work. Especially early, when we need him too.
    He is a Pick 9 entering his 3rd season ( 20 games ) so he could surprise.

    Clark looked amazing. He is has some SC history though . Last year he played a similar role in the Preseason games for the Cats.(scored 120 from memory ) A heap of Coaches (me included) jumped on. He was moved forward, wing then dropped, and left a bad taste in many mouths .. I do digress..this year he is Mid only so is easy to pass on. He might get DPP but not until R6. To start, at that price, theres still a heap ahead of him. Rowell / Lapinski, Berry.

    So Clark and Brodie no.Hill and Crowden Watchlist.

    If Ralshsmith gets the HB gig he looks the better option .
    He’s cheaper too. 😉

    I hope this helps ?


    1. Thanks FT – I’m still hearing Rioli is going to get that HB role at Richmond, so this will certainly be a last minute call on team selections. I definitely see what the complaint is on Brodie’s athletic ability, and he had two or three shocking snaps at goal as well, but he seems one of those blokes with enough footy smarts to compensate, and the coach continues to talk him up. I think that’s the bit I’m sold on – how much the coach seems to love him. You saw Henry as I did, and they say he went well in the same role in the intra club. Definite watch for me at that price, he could be anything on the wing on big grounds.


    2. Still tempted to pick Serong on what he dished-up too – he could run amok in the first couple of months with all the defensive heat going to Brayshaw and Fyfe…



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