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  1. 486/5

    Bont, Macrae, Weightman, Stewart and Cameron.

    Not a bad start at all, but can’t help but be salty about Stewart. 24 kicks, 10 intercepts, 700 MG and 77% DE for 120 is just bullsh*t.

    Anyway, on to tmmrw…


  2. Brought in Bont and chucked the vc on him, as well as Stewart and also jelly and Newcombe. So far so good!


  3. Duncan has rooted me.

    Brought him in over Wines/Jelly. Super defining moment of my season.

    Gonna be stuck with Cripps too now…


      1. Thanks brother!

        Hopefully have some better luck going forward with injuries. Hope Hawkins turns out fine, it’s a better league with players of that caliber running around.


  4. 621 / 5-15 / Bont

    I went against doctor Gunboats orders , sorry mate 😉 and ended up with the VC on the Bont. ( Kelly C ) It was him or Hawkins so that worked out.
    Anyone know what happened with Hawkins neck injury ?
    I missed the end of the game.

    If I had slightly more cash I would of probably traded in Dale. He looked like the “safe” option in the forwards. I feel for those that went there.

    If my trades pan out, I may get to 1700+

    Best of luck to everyone today !


  5. 503/3/vc Bont
    Went with gut on bont, finally nailed a vc
    Welcome to my team Mr Stewart, I agree with GD on the Stewart score, the guy was killing it.
    Good luck Coaches for the rest of the round.


  6. I was one of those that brought in Hawkins and Dale this week….
    Also never drink and SC…. Rookie error.
    Was messing with who to VC just before the opening bounce and chose Macrae but only realised this morning that I put the C on him instead of the VC .
    Season over. Top 1000 finish gone for the year.

    Maybe the Salamander could run Stewart’s score through Syntheticoach this week???


  7. Will have 8 trades left after making 4 this week and still need to get 2 more premos to get to full premo. Current midfield is Oliver, Macrae, Steele, Merrett, Mitchell, Duncan and Cripps. Already trading Poulter to Hall and going to trade Jordon.

    With Duncan going down, do I still go all out and get Lyons which leaves me with $1.1k?

    Or do I go with the cheaper option in Walsh which leaves me with $40k to help me trade Duncan (if needed)?

    T/up – Lyons

    T/down – Walsh


  8. 879 / 8 / C Lyons

    Worried that leaving 3 of 4 trades (Merrett/Langford/Bramble) until the last match could backfire with a late out, and changed my trades before I went to bed. Trying to SuperCoach from the east coast of the USA is hard! Switched it up, brought in Lyons instead of Langford after seeing something on Twitter about the Brisbane’s easy run home and chucked the C on him.

    Whitfield, Titch, Ridley, Walsh, Taranto, Zerrett, Bramble, Briggs, and Newcombe to come.


  9. 1345/12/Neale

    Jones and Boak dirty, but nice to drill a POD C in Neale.

    Zerrett, Langford and the Hawks 102kers Nuke and Bramble to go.

    Only running 16, so would be wrapped if I could press 1700.


    1. Cheers, Paul.

      Had my eyes on his Roos match up for a while.

      Very nice trade in on Dixon btw.


  10. 1237 / 14 / Merrett

    Agonised over trade options for mid upgrades this week….and screwed it up again. Neale and Lyons was the way to go! Or anyone other than Walsh really. Damn De Boer, what a PITA.

    Merrett, Titch, Impey and Newcombe to go.


  11. 1297/14-18/Jelly

    This game is really starting to sh*t me!
    Was supposed to be my week to rise up the rankings with 18 onfield while most others were struggling to get anywhere near a full side.
    Put the VC on Macrae and he decides to put in his first sub-ton game for the year. No big problem, I’ve got plenty of captain options to choose from… Whitfield, Ziebell, Zerrett, Walsh, Titch. Nah, let’s go with my new recruit this week, Jelly, he’s on a tear, he’ll give Carlton a touch up. But no, barely scrapes over 100 after scaling.
    What about your other recruits Stewy? Surely they did ok?
    Traded out Heeney…tossed up between Langford, Greene and R Gray…Port has a good run home…go with the POD…great decision! Injured and 43 points.
    My other two “premo” recruits? Hunter has a late surge to get to 84 and Walsh tagged out of it by DeBoer for 71.
    Original projection of 2k plus is now around 1700…what disaster looms tomorrow? God help anyone else who has Titch, Ridley, Zerrett and Newcombe in their team!


    1. Lol, Stewy. That’s f*cked, but the rhetorical questions had me dying ahaha.

      “Surely they did ok?”.

      Dw, 1700 should still be competitive this week and Jelly, Walsh and Hunter will be good long term.

      Don’t curse Zerrett though, motherf*cker! Need him tmmrw!


  12. Really annoyed with this round as I had planned well and had 20 warm bodies…but that included new recruit Gray, and Jones of course. Other new recruit Houston started nicely and might be a great pod given his current sweeping role off hb. I just have not been able to move Cripps on for various reasons 🙁
    Also really pi55ed of at vc Wines score….wasn’t watching the game but new his stats…was expecting 150+ given Bont score the previous night.
    Looking at final score of around 1750…


  13. 1090 / 11 / Lyons

    Mitch Duncan’s 10 is going to hurt… Managed to field a full side but this will probably negate any benefits of that. Duncan has a BE of 180 *before* this round’s score so I can really see him losing a lot of his value making a sideways trade much more difficult.

    Titch / Merret/ Ridley to go who I hope will score 100+ each
    Then Impey / Koschitzke / Bramble / Newcombe who could score anywhere between 50-100 each.

    Looking at a score around 1550-1650 despite fielding a full 18


  14. Oppo has Titchell Bramble and Ridley to come. 207 in front right now.
    Should I trade CCJ > Langford to help secure the win? Leaves me with $12kitb and 7 trades. Impey and 1 mid upgrade to go. Could do Brayshaw to DP3


  15. Put together a little side this week just for fun to combat my dismal real side. Projected 2073… But real team projected 1303. RIP


  16. 1393/14/Kelly

    Ok only round overall despite managing to get 17 on field (Zerrett, Newcombe and Langford to come) – 1650 would be nice and hopefully maintain overall ranking

    Never like key forwards but slim pickings as we all know so had to choose between Greene, Dixon, Cameron and Gray – chose wrongly lol

    Good luck today everyone, can’t wait for these byes to finish


  17. 1209/11/vc Bont

    Hopefully this is my chance to shoot up the ranks and get into that top 1000! Glad I didn’t end up going the jelly and dale trade!
    Parish, Merrett, Langford, Ridley, titch, Impey and Newcombe to come.
    Having to support the bombers for fantasy purposes.. oh boy..



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