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  1. Not sure if others have the same issue but injured players (with the red dots) are not being added to projected scores this round…


  2. 231 / 2 / VC Danger, C Macrae

    Projected 2498 this round, off to a good start with Nic Nat and Hurn. Just hoping for a strong finish to an average year. Gonna enjoy seeing the massive scores put up these last two rounds.


  3. 268 / 2 / V/C Gawn.

    Thank you Tim Kelly !!

    I get you in for Jelly 2 weeks ago and you serve up a 57 then an 87.

    Then this week, when I really need you you score 180.

    You little beauty!

    And in even better news, not one of my 4 opponents has him 🙂


    1. Well Done GB
      You have me covered in our head to head in SuperCoach 2 talk .
      Ironically I have owned J Kelly and Fyfe through out the year but traded them out .
      Well done for holding
      Their scores vs Oliver’s and Z Williams
      proving difference , and with Laird and Oliver to come vs Lloyd and Mitchell your uniques Will be difficult to beat .
      Brave move not to take Fyfe’s score as C.
      With a bit of luck I see you in Gun’s regulars
      Grand final although Gra Pol May still have something up his sleeve.


  4. 1453/11/Gaff

    Very good start with Simpkin my only poor score so far. Projected for 2627 so would love for that to come true!


  5. 1537/13/Gawn
    May have conceded our battle too early GB
    Didn’t factor in Gawn’s captain score and Acres score to come and J Martin not playing .
    Good luck GB and all super coachers today .
    There could be another twist to play out .
    Eg Docherty a late out will impact those with no bench cover vs those that have rivers on bench with E


    1. 1481 / 14 / VC Gawn.

      With Gawn as C and Hurns looped score.

      1719 / from 15.

      Still to come…


      I agree with PBuzz

      I have the unfortunate situation of having looped Hurn.

      This now leaves Rivers with no E sitting on my bench.

      If Doc is a late out, I’m stuffed !

      Best of luck today folks.


    2. Wouldn’t bust out the white flag just yet, P. You’ve got 260 points just waiting to be added with the Gawn loop and Acres.

      My premos have fired, but think you might pip me just by virtue of having 22 to my 21.

      Good luck!


  6. 1782/11/ Gawn
    Very good start but Rivers on my bench with 107* hoping Docherty scores good or a late out will be good. Haynes,Simpkin got poor scores but winning in the league.


    1. 1782 from 11? Sure you’ve calculated that right, Johnny? Means you’re on track for 2900-3000.

      If so, great work!


      1. I thought that was a little off too GD

        Even if you take off 300 for Gawn.. thats 10 players scoring 142 each ?

        Unless he owns all the top scorers from every round so far.

        T Kelly
        Barras or Nic Nat.
        Stewart / Bicavs
        Dev Smith
        Ridler / May
        J Kelly

        This barely gets you there anyway ??


  7. Who do I bench in tech team to get Rivers?Doch,Noble or Day?
    Thanks all and good luck to all looking at those great scores.


  8. 10/1079 Gawn
    Don’t know how it got to this but to get Gawn’s 150 l have to take Aart’s 47 and bench either Rankine/Coleman.
    Looks like l may have my 2 semi’s covered.
    Should l just fly with Neale as C?


  9. I am having a nightmare Preliminary Final. Current score 911 / 11 players completed:

    S Docherty 10 (inj.)
    N Haynes 46
    J McGovern 59 (inj.)
    J Simpkin 62
    P Dangerfield 66
    D Martin 85
    C Oliver 87


  10. You work hard all season. You do your research. You make the right trades. You save up your money. You practice patience. You get to a preliminary final.

    Dangerfield gets you 66
    Oliver gets you 87.

    Your opponent has Tim Kelly who gets him 180. Your opponent has Schoenberg as an emergency who gets him over 94.

    It’s a roulette table lads. It’s all a spin of the wheel.


    1. Thank you! I needed some perspective, and probably a hug too. All valid points. Although there is research and strategy involved, and implementing the rights moves, it’s 90% luck.


    2. SOOOO well said, TE.

      Hats off to anyone to who’s done well this season, but most of 2020 SC has been luck imo.


  11. It’s painful – one of my opponents had Gaff’s 154 & Nic Nacs 143 on the first night. He also traded out Doc for L Ryan (104). I had Haynes 46, he had Laird’s 136. I had Rivers 107 on bench but couldn’t use it – had to wear Doc’s 13. I managed the right call on trading in Acres (117) to avoid Riccardi’s donut. I looked in all sorts of trouble, until I captained Gawn and he captained Neale (he doesn’t have Gawn). Result still to close to call – he also traded out Oliver this week – for Adam Treloar!

    To top it off, he’s my nephew & he’s 16 years old, playing his 3rd season of supercoach, after I “coached” him for his first 2 seasons.


  12. 2249/21/Neale

    Leading all 5 of my prelims.
    Main league for me is LOEC3. I’m ranked 12k overall v my opponent ranked 202. I’m 175 points in front with my Grundy v his Greenwood to come.
    Can’t believe I’m in a LOEC GF after having to eat Riccardi’s donut and captaining my lowest scoring player. Bring on next week!


  13. 2396/Gawn/22

    Many Sunday players saved my a$$ and come thru with the goods.
    Reverse traded Daniel back to Doc min before the bounce.


  14. 2313 / 21 / Gawn

    Probably the biggest sliding doors moment of SC 2020 for me:

    Was initially going to:
    A) Trade McPherson –> Greaves, Draper –> ROB.
    However, with Doch under an injury cloud I went:
    B) Docherty –> Greaves, Draper –> Gawn.

    This had huge ramifications:
    13 (Doch) plus 110 (Neale C) plus 105 (ROB) = 228 points
    75 (Greaves) plus 55 plus 300 (Gawn C) = 430 points

    One flip-of-a-coin decision gained me an additional 202 points… sometimes luck just falls your way.


  15. 2304/21/Gawn was 717
    Grundy to play
    What a roller coaster .
    On track to make 7 grand finals and finish my highest overall so stoked .

    If you told me at start of round that I would get the scores delivered from Haynes , Neale , Docherty , Simpson ( sub) Oliver Brayshaw and Wingard this round I would say I would have been in for a shocker .
    Luckily captain Gawn , Bontempelli, Laird , Lyons , D Smith , Stewart , Ridley , Acres , Walters , Petracca , Merrett, Macrae and Williams all delivered in spades to raise the bat while Cripps and Whitfield were serviceable .
    A lot of luck involved but huge Thanks to all the supercoach team of writers and SuperCoach community .


    1. Great work, Paul.

      If I was going to be knocked out of a prelim by anyone I’m happy it’s by you lol.



      1. Thanks Michael
        You are all class
        Regardless how you perform you you front up day after day supporting fellow Super coachers with great Advise and your own threads
        We may meet up in Guns regulars final with a bit of luck if Greenwood has a shocker for your opponent.


        1. Yeah, if Greenwood has a nightmare I’ll sneak into a few more finals.

          Right back at you, Paul. Dirty season has been made significantly more enjoyable by you and the other SCT regulars.

          Take care.


          1. Sorry GD, but I need Greenwood and Rankine to score 75 points to cause a massive boil over in a prelim. My opponent was projected to win by over 500 points but some absolutely shocking scores and having Neale as captain has allowed me a last ditch chance to snatch a very unlikely win. The only player he has left is Grundy,which I also have.


  16. 2485/21/Gaff

    Still got Grundy to come. So happy, Simpkin and Titch my only scores under 97. Been very lucky this week.


  17. 2403 ) Gawn ) 22

    Extremely happy with that

    Had to play Shoenberg and Close, copped Docherty’s 13.

    And still scored reasonably well.


  18. I have been absolutely destroyed this round.

    1645 – 19/22 – projected 1949

    McGovern 52, Simpkin 62, took a flyer on Daniher a few weeks back (regrets), he had 23, Haynes 46, Docherty 13, Neale 55 and he was my captain (wasn’t happy with Petracca’s 114 so took a gamble on Neale)

    Unbelievable round and i still have to somehow deal with McGovern & Docherty with just 1 trade remaining and essentially no Def bench cover (have B.Williams & Gould)


    1. Ouch. I have Simpkin, Haynes, Doc and Neale, plus Taranto and Mitchell but was lucky enough to have thrown the VC on Gawn and slightly mitigtaed by the scores from gaff and Parker. Mind you, would have been better if I’d set my emergencies better and been able to use Rivers or Scholl’s scores.


  19. 2162/21/ Neale =(

    What a shocker was ranked 2304 but that will go through the floor.

    Could have went big too I had Nic Nat, Fyfe, JKelly, Stewart, Bont & Laird who all went 125+. With Petracca, Ridley & Lloyd also all over 110



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