10 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Rd9”

  1. T/up – Berry to Poulter and Rowe to Impey leaving me with $32.4k

    T/down – Rowe to Poulter and Berry to RCD leaving me with $359.6k for upgrades next week (e.g. Powell, Scott,etc, in case they don’t do well)


  2. I’m still holding Cripps because I’ve come too far. Is it worth unloading him?

    TU: hold
    TD: trade for Jelly


  3. 33o / 3 / VC Mills

    B Crouch.

    I missed the last quarter, anyone know if Crouch came back on ?
    I know he was on 104 half way through the 3rd. He went off for a concussion test and I fell asleep. I presume he came back on or he was scaled up a lot.

    I’m going to the Swans / Pies game today. ( I live in Sydney)

    I will let you all know if Poulter passes the eye test.


  4. 1448/15/Gawn

    Merrett, Mcgrath, Brayshaw, Gawn, Oliver, Jordon and Laird to come – 2300 maybe…

    I had Powell and Poulter on bench with E on Ely Smith to loop either of them – didn’t do it and Dev Robertson scored 2 more points than Poulter! Just need Jordon to ourscore Powell and it’ll be a good move. RCD’s 88 on my bench is great for $$$ and for his JS too! Traded Flynn already so feel a bit silly with that but reckon I have enough fat / fattening cows to get the upgrades I want done.

    Good luck tomorrow everyone.


  5. When you feel happy that Highmore is playing and makes a reasonable score. You leave him on the bench as an emergency thinking you will get that score. However, you realize too late that Frederick is on the field and then actually plays as the sub after an injury and the score becomes an 18 🙁


  6. Hi guys, predicted to go 2137 which seems low to me but eh it is what it is. Now the Sunday curse always hit me. Wouldn’t mind 2300.

    left is – Ridley, Zerret, Gawn, Jordon, Walsh, Zwill, Laird and Gaff
    Pridictions 115 125 135 75 125 75 100 135

    1219+885+135= 2239 – lets hope

    Good luck guys and girls


  7. 1524 / 17 / Gawn.

    Brayshaw . Walsh . Jordan . Laird +

    Gawn x 2.

    Looks like a pretty low scoring round so far. A huge game from Gawn could change that. I’m predicted 2138

    Anything around this score should ( hopefully ) help me hold my rank. ( 3741 ) I will be pretty happy with that, after a double downgrade this week. Very happy with both Poulter and RDC and I played them both on field 🙂


  8. Projected 2092/Grundy at this stage but that’s with Laird only going to 100 and he’s on 90 at 3/4 time. Doesn’t really matter since everyone has him, but the figure will end up 21xx.

    Didn’t get chance to change C before Brisbane game kicked off, but wasn’t sure if I should go Gawn or Oliver.

    So probably would have taken Gawn. Gawn lucky to beat Grundy on scaling so didn’t really matter.



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