Game Chat – St Kilda v Geelong

Written by Motts on May 14 2021

Where and when: Marvel, 7:50pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R11 2020: St Kilda 4.10 (34) DEF BY Geelong 14.9 (93) at The Gabba.

The Cats gave St Kilda a lesson in efficiency, pressure and power, kicking the final nine goals of the game and keeping the Saints goalless in the second half. Sam Menegola started like a house on fire and did not slow down, finishing with 26 disposals, 11 marks and two goals, while Patrick Dangerfield lapped up more time on-ball than the Cats’ previous win over North Melbourne, gathering 19 disposals and adding a goal. St Kilda missed its opportunities in the first half and were made to pay. They won the contested ball by 14 in the first two quarters and had generated seven more inside 50s, but struggled to get easy looks from the rock-solid Geelong defence.

Match Preview: Both teams are coming off good wins last week so confidence won’t be a problem. Will the Ratten game plan hold up against much tougher opposition though? Does he have the cattle to execute it? My money’s on the Cats but I’m looking forward to the battle.

Motts Watch: 

St Kilda
Marshall, Steele

Duncan, Stewart, Dangerfield, Hawkins

Mottsy’s Tip: Cats by 30 (tipping record 17/24).

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53 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda v Geelong”

  1. Keeping a watch on how many hotdogs danger eats in the stands, Mott?

    Atkins, Highmore & Hunter Clark for me in this one


  2. It’s been a long wait,

    It’s finally here…..

    The ultimate clash:
    Highmore v Geelong

    Cmon big fella ton up!


  3. I’m not sure Dangers playing Motts ?

    Any way..

    Finally Highmore with that glowing green dot!

    He gets the (E) and needs to go at 60+ or I roll the dice on Kosi in Tassie.

    Steele Looks a little battle weary so I left the VC off him ( Thanks GunBoat) I will be watching him closely.
    B Crouch is my POD If he can repeat last weeks ( 108 ) effort I will be chuffed.

    I’m sure we are all looking at Marshall.

    Can he fix our forward woes?

    Best of luck to everyone, and have a great weekend.


        1. When I wrote that FT, I didn’t imagine his score would be so poor.
          He is not on his lonesome though, so many disappointing scores in this one.
          Here’s hoping for big turnaround in the second half.


          1. No worries CT

            I had him benched anyway.
            57 from 12 touches ( 8 HB ) isn’t that horrible in the end.

            He will only lose about $10K.

            I think I will trade him next week anyway barring any disasters. Though who knows ? He’s been on the chopping block for weeks and has somehow survived.

            Can you keep an eye on news of B Crouch. Looks like he’s having scans on his cheek.
            hopefully he doesn’t have a fracture.

            Thanks for all your updates and best of luck to you and ( I can’t believe I’m saying this ) The Eagles this weekend .


    Geelong: Luke Dahlhaus replaced by Jordan Clark.

    St kilda: sub: Ben Long
    Geelong sub: Max Holmes


  5. so the amount of behinds kicked by st kilda before a goal was 9 – what’s the record does anyone know?


  6. Oh man, I ummed and ahhhed about bringing in Guthrie … opted to not make the trade and look at double downgrade for cash gen … looking like yet another bad call …

    Feel like this year is fast becoming over …


    1. 5 possessions since half time but gone backwards in the points.

      Selwood has done similar too.

      Something odd in the scoring or just lots of clangers?


      1. as of right now, there is still 800 points to be allocated, based on their 3300 points per game … so it looks like there will be big changes … this is based on the scores on FF just before the full time finish …

        something wrong I think …


  7. Upgraded someone to Bolton last week, gets injured.
    Traded in Marshall for Bolton this week, deja vu


    1. Ouch, know the feeling. Maybe you could let us know who you bring in for Marshall so we can avoid them. Cheers.


  8. Supercoach scoring does not make sense, Duncan has 30 touches, 15 marks, 83% disposal efficiency and scored 91??


        1. Add fan footy team supercoach scores together, deduct total from 3300.

          Thats how many points left to distribute.


    1. It’s getting to the point where CD just draw numbers out of a barrel, with a seperate barrel with almost all the scores over 100 for their favourites, regardless how well they play.


      1. yep – agreed.

        They need to get rid of the 3300 total points per game system which applies BS scaling processes and simply award every thing a players does or doesn’t do the points associated for that stat.

        The everything is neat, clean, fair and unbiased and not treated subjectively … been saying it for years now. Its the one blight on their system …


        1. Have to agree. Watching CD choose to scale up their favourites 30+ points while handing out scaling of less than 10% to other players when there is an 800 point upscale required is sickening.

          It’s almost like watching political corruption handing out money to mates while doing stuff all to the battlers who deserve an even go.

          If you had say 5% of your team’s score before scaling, you should be at 5% of your team’s score after scaling.

          Not half a dozen guys drop down to 3- 4% of team score so another chosen one can jump to 8 or 9%.

          If only AFL fantasy website wasn’t so borked. And we had Captaincy Loopholes, Bubble playets, etc.

          Between the two games there’s actually just one decent game waiting to get out.


      1. you would expect a lot of those CATS players to go up hugely based on their numbers … Guthrie, Duncan, Stewart, Touhy all big stats …


  9. Think it’s more than “scaling”, reckon something has broken over at CD.

    No biggie for the Friday night game, but you’d be pretty pissed if this happened on a Saturday or Sunday arvo when you were trying to make a judgement on a VC score.


    1. Would you consider him a HBG or a receiver?
      IMO from days of old, guys that are putting in the larger effort would get a bigger notice than the ones benefiting from their efforts.

      ie IMO Guthrie over Duncan, Macrae over Dunkley, Fyfe over Brayshaw…..etc.

      PS……but please don’t tell anyone I told you that…….


  10. Looks like final scores now …

    Geelong Cats: 10.8.68
    Cameron Guthrie 136
    Mitch Duncan 121
    Zach Tuohy 110
    Lachie Henderson 99
    Tom Stewart 98
    Sam Menegola 96
    Tom Hawkins 91
    Shaun Higgins 88
    Mark Blicavs 85
    Esava Ratugolea 84
    Isaac Smith 79
    Bradley Close 78
    Gary Rohan 76
    Tom Atkins 74
    Brandan Parfitt 71
    Quinton Narkle* 67
    Joel Selwood 66
    Jack Henry 61
    Jeremy Cameron 59
    Jordan Clark 53
    Zach Guthrie 47
    Jed Bews 42

    St Kilda Saints: 5.17.47
    Jack Steele 116
    Brad Crouch 116
    Seb Ross 103
    Jack Billings 101
    Bradley Hill 88
    Daniel Butler 78
    Patrick Ryder 74
    Josh Battle 72
    Hunter Clark 70
    Jack Sinclair 70
    Tim Membrey 69
    Jack Bytel 66
    Max King 64
    Jimmy Webster 61
    Dougal Howard 56
    Jack Higgins 51
    James Frawley 49
    Tom Highmore 47
    Rowan Marshall 43
    Ryan Byrnes 41
    Jack Lonie 38
    Callum Wilkie 37
    Ben Long 8

    hope this doesn’t happen tomorrow leading into the 4:35 game if you are relying on making a call on Grundy as VC (with your loop player someone like Sharp) … like has happened the last two weeks …


  11. Thomas Highmore
    47 points $117k->$168k(+$50k)
    Rd10 BE -24
    Projected Score 61
    Rd13:$248k->$264k(+$16k) New BE 35


  12. Rowan Marshall
    Rd9 BE 124
    Rd9 Score 43
    Rd10 BE 146
    Projected Score 90
    Rd10:$498k->$473k($-25k)New BE 149
    Rd11:$473k->$447k($-26k)New BE 87
    Rd12:$447k->$448k($1k)New BE 88


  13. Jack Steele
    Rd9 BE 145
    Rd9 Score 116*
    Rd10 BE 113

    Projected Score 114
    Rd10:$570k->$570k($0k) New BE 110
    Rd11:$570k->$571k($1k) New BE 114
    Rd12:$571k->$571k($0k) New BE 115



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