14 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 15”

  1. 391/2/Oliver C
    Yes it was a lucky mistake I went to quickly do VC before game and accidentally put the C on – Phew thanks Clarry !


  2. 373/3/ Neale VC – Macrae C

    Jackson in this week is a big tick. Choosing between oliver and neale vc and missed out with Neale unfortunately.

    C was on Laird but i’m not a huge fan of a potential turner tag and blundstone for scoring in general. Swapped it to Macrae for hopefully a big C at Marvel tonight (will almost certainly swap again before 7PM.


  3. 488/ 3 / VC Oliver, C Teakle
    Projected 2520, like to see that. Would be my best score for years if it came true.


  4. 1062/Oliver VC/8
    Projected 2532… I thought Tracc was a little underscored and all my Dogs were woofing last night. Sicily back to the old angry Sicily who scrapped more than played… hoping Tingles only misses the 1 week and Clarke play the game of his short career this arvo


  5. 1560/15/Macrae
    I can say this week is a horror show for me even though in had 22 premos playing.

    Ryan with 50 hurts but then Prestia and his concussion got me 16. Pretty much every premo on Saturday scored a sub tonne expect for Hewett and Blakey which performed real well with a 124

    I have ROB, Crisp, Cogs, Taranto, Miller, Witts and Houston to play. I hope they can manage to scrape out a total of 2300 for me. Also a lot of pressure is on my ROB pick as basically every other ruck has tonned up, so he better follow


  6. Was heading for a 2550+ score overall but that swans/saints game was a killer. Lost over 120 on my projected. FML



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