16 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 19”

  1. Probs not the right thread? But does anyone know what short will be priced at next week? Will be highly dependent on if I trade this week or not? Thanks.


  2. Ah, the SuperCoach Gods.
    Half time feeling comfortable… Bradshaw 62 & Brodie high 60s.
    Opponent had Darcy- mid 30s
    60 minutes later Brodie scores another 30, Brayshaw just 17 and Darcy gets 60… DOH!


  3. 392/4/ VC Laird to C Walsh.

    Ryan coming good after a slow start to the year. Darcy had a decent second half to save what was looking dire. Brodie pulled up stumps after a huge first half.

    I really feel for Brayshaw owners . 8 minutes on the bench in that last qtr, when the game was on the line. Killed his potential score and probably Freo’s slim chances of a win. The Draw feels like a win though after how we played last night.
    Defended like demons but no connection up forward.

    Hoping for some big scored today. Good luck all.


  4. 1878/17/Touk

    Projected 2322. Cogs, Cripps, Sinclair, Marshall and Cripps to come tomorrow.
    Ten players scoring between 80 and 100 and Dangerfield (onfield) outscored by new recruit Burgoyne (bench).


  5. i know this is the wrong place to ask but what happens in league finals ? Currently second and the league is top 5 makes finals out of 10, does first get a bye ? And then second verses 5th and third and fourth ?


    1. Probably the old final 5 system.
      1St has week off
      2nd v 3rd winner plays 1St
      4th v 5th loser eliminated


  6. 1968/17/Satan

    Pretty great considering Satan bitched it and I’m only fielding 21.

    Holding back the urge to trade Hewett to premo and really kick things up.


  7. 1890/17/Laird

    Thanks to Laird – Bont – Touk & Neale
    I’ve got a lot of “premos” that are scoring 90-100


  8. 2030/18/Laird

    Screwed up by benching Rowan Marshall over Dunkley but otherwise happy with this round is going. Zerrett, Sinclair, Coniglio and Crisp to get me over 2400 hopefully.



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