5 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 23”

  1. Not an ideal start to Grand Final weekend. Traded out Jackson, goodbye 130 points. At least none of my opponents had him. Also have Z Bailey’s 109 on bench as my forward emergency, so guess I will take Brodie off the field, sub him to mid bench and put Butler to F6?, to take Baileys score? My other forward options are Dunks, Bont, Parker, Cogs and Hawkins.
    TU – Brodie off to take Bailey 109
    TD – take off a different Howard?
    Comment to leave Bailey on forward bench in case of any late outs.


  2. 352 / 3 / Touk

    My last score update for the year, because it’s all downhill from here! VC on Oliver but going to roll the dice. Jackson allowing me to bench Crisp (HOORAY) and Neale fighting through the tag in a heavy loss were both good efforts.


  3. 1486/13/Merrett

    Had D’Ambrossio on field covering for Hall which isn’t ideal but Zerrett delivered with the captaincy score I needed. Messed up the F7 loop by locking Coniglio on field rather than Brodie but oh well. Should be finishing the season well hopefully



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