4 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 24”

  1. 1832/15/English
    Sheezel just didn’t manage to score enough to get the armband, but only 2 players have not hit the tonne.
    Cameron and Mullin. Steele sitting on the bench as a loophole that did nothing so Hewett should score better. Lost my DPP switch so Mullin had to cover for Doch
    Projected for 2551


  2. 2179 (17) Bont – projected 2679
    Finally managed to choose correctly on a VC score. Was going English but many thanks to coach Cripps Walk with his observation that with Stanley named for the Cats, English won’t be as dominant as his 156 last time. Swapped to Bont.
    Had Wilmot covering Doc so his 80 was much appreciated. Still have Sheezel on the field as well, so 2 on field rookies in a grand final wasn’t filling me with confidence. But was really happy to welcome back Libba to the field as I ran out of trades replacing Daicos with Butters 2 rounds ago.
    Still to play today – Butters, Rozee, Cogs, Taranto, and Gulden.



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