Punters Club – Mutley

Written by Motts on June 10 2022

UEFA Nations League

H2H winners bolded for each multi

Multi 1

Georgia v Bulgaria

Greece v Kosovo

Slovenia v Serbia

$10 @ 7

Multi 2

Norway v Sweden

Spain v Czech Republic

Switzerland v Portugal

$15 @ 5.74

Multi 3


Austria v France

Denmark v Croatia

Azerbaijan v Slovakia

$15 @ 5.94

Multi 4

Hungary v Germany

Netherlands v Poland

Wales v Belgium

$15 @ 4.01

Good luck to us all!



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3 thoughts on “Punters Club – Mutley”

  1. Sorry Deano, didn’t see your message til this morning. It’s a good thing you missed the games because its a nil return for Mutts this time around. Up next is Bonsai.



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