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Written by Motts on December 2 2013

The Death Adder is one keen punter. I let him know it was his turn at bat on Saturday and on late Sunday night I received his instructions. Words to the effect of:

Put $40 on the Aussies to win the 2nd Test. Get on ’em now coz I reckon they’re gonna come in.

I take instructions exceptionally well so at around about midnight last night we got Australia at $2.65.

The other $20 he’s decided to throw on a horse called Johannapine that’s getting around at Moonee Valley tonight in the 5th. We’re on it for $10 EW @ $8.50/$2.95 fixed.

Now in the meantime I’ve been approached by Deano who has steamrolled his way in to get a bet on this week. I didn’t want multiple punters having a crack on any given week because I wanted each and every punter in the club to have their day in the sun. Deano was adamant that he get a shot this week though and because he’s such a long time supporter of the site I’ve acquiesced. So I’d like to apologise to The Death Adder now that he’s got someone crashing his party this week.

Deano’s bet is on Ascot and he’s whacked $30 EW on Elite Belle in the Group 1 Kingston Town Classic – its the last G1 for the year which is why he was so keen to get on this week. I put in on a couple of days ago at Best Fluc. Its currently paying $14 so here’s hoping he knows something about it that we don’t.

Good luck to both Punters!




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38 thoughts on “Punters Club – The Death Adder & Deano”

  1. Thanks Motts glad you liked my enthusiasm. I am keen to get some money in the kitty for the punters club so kept it simple there are only 3 possible results.
    Having said that I am bullish about the Aussies as they have the momentum after the 1st test.
    There is a concern though which is the Adelaide Oval is now a drop in pitch, therefore not the usual Adelaide pitch that will always deteriorate and favour the spinners on day four and five.The wicket has been flat and lifeless all summer that is why the draw is favourite.
    However it has not seen a 5th day which is what this test will go so we won’t get the money easy.
    The first thing we want is Australia to win the toss and believe me they will bat.
    Other stats in our favour are straight from Malcolm Conn in the Sun. ” In the past two years, England has managed to make 500 once, against India in Kolkata,and has failed to score 400 against Australia in the past six tests.
    This contrasts with Australia , which has passed 500 five times and 600 twice in that two year period.”
    The figures suggest Englands batting is on the slide as well as missing Trott.
    Anyway we should get a good run for our money and the bet will look good and bad throughout the Test Match and hopefully we take home the bacon on day five.


  2. Good on you The Death Adder for doing something different. I think a draw or a Aussie win are the only 2 results so hopefully we get the right one. Be looking forward to your tip on Friday night also. Best of luck.


  3. English and French Leagues (plus German Cup) are in action during the week. If you are like me and can’t hold out till the weekend, then here are a few football tips to consider:

    Arsenal 1.20
    Chelsea 1.55

    Paris 1.35
    Monaco 1.80
    Lille or the draw 1.25 (double chance)

    Bayern Munich 1.28
    Schalke/Hoffenheim, OVER 2.5 goals 1.45

    Here’s hoping………..


  4. Gone a bit overboard with 2 multi’s I had yesterday SW.
    1ST one, Borussia D

    Bayern M
    E .Frankfurt
    PSG. Paying 5.00


  5. 2nd one.
    wfl Wolfsburg
    e. frankfurt
    b. munich
    Chelsea. Paying 22.29 . Wishful thinking I think.


  6. Think I’ll have a dabble at that 2nd one of yours, Sodes. The Germans have a saying about “Cup” matches that translates roughly to: “Cup matches have their own rules / anything can happen”. There is always a surprise win that screws up a multi, have been burned too many times. Just trying to keep it simple with Munich. Plus I’ve been burned by Liverpool too often. And they lost to Hull on the weekend, doesn’t instill me with confidence. (Fiorentina already got up, good start). See how we go…..


  7. Pressure is really on now then. I got a bit riding on that multi, hoping it gets up for all of us. Not to get too anal about things but those german bets were for the Cup matches during the week. Looks like they might’ve been placed on the League games for the weekend. Not so bad on my bet but for sodes………….


  8. Alright cancel them Motts I have had a think about and would spew if that horse came home. So I will carry over the $20 until next week for that horse at the Valley. Sorry for the hassle,and I hope the horse comes home to make up for the inconvience.


  9. Once again, for those having a punt on the Euro football this weekend, here are a few tips to consider:

    Bayern Munich (1.25) – Do I really need to write up this team anymore? They are setting new records every week in the Bundesliga. They haven’t been beaten in the League since October 2012 and it’s hard to see who will beat them this season. Back against them at your own risk.

    Moenchengladbach (2.20) – Seven out of seven at home this year, a new club record. They face a Schalke side fresh from a 1-3 debacle at home against Hoffenheim during the week in Cup action. A loss here just might see the Schalke coach sacked. Gladbach are a classy unit this season, should be too good at home.

    Frankfurt vs Hoffenheim OVER 2.5 goals (1.60) – In their last twenty League games, there have been at least three goals scored in all but one of Hoffenheim’s matches. Their offence is very potent, yet their defence is very badly organised……that means plenty of goals every week.

    Following tips are also worth looking at in Europe:

    England –
    Man Utd 1.40
    Chelsea 1.60

    Turkey –
    Fenerbahce 1.60

    France –
    Lille or the draw (double chance) 1.40

    Good luck on the punt this week!!!


  10. Good luck Deano

    I’ve had a little tip off a mate (about a 70% success rate normally)

    Fat Gary in the last race at Wolverhampton (UK) tonight if anyone’s interested.


  11. Just had a little bet on Elite Belle, it’s paying well so let’s hope for a good result Deano. We need a couple of quick wickets in the cricket and could get a win but at the moment it looks like a draw.Fat Gary 3rd.


  12. Well done TDA!! Johannapine netted us $9.50 while the Aussies winning the 2nd test won us $66. Including your $60 original stake, you’ve returned $135.50. Best result to date and enough to give you a second crack at it next week with $15.50 in your hot little hand.

    Deano, I’ve got nothing for you. Head back to camp.

    Next up (if he wants it) is Muttley.



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