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Written by Motts on October 3 2020

Team Still Needs Work sent his bets to me earlier this week but he’d already put them on with his betting agency (Sportsbet) and because I couldn’t get the same lines or odds (and was a little bit tired and emotional [read: smashed]) we decided that we’d just stick with those and I’d send him his $80.

And then I completely forgot to transfer the money.

And then he messages me today with this: “My good Mottsy. One of my dodgy multis came in. We won $390 :)”

Here it is:

Can you believe that?? What a legend!

So we’re banking $230 of that and he’s going around again with $160. I’ve asked him to send his bets through prior so I can publish them on the site and everyone can jump on them if they want to. Chances are, they’ll be multi’s on Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

Great stuff, TSNW!!


OK it’s Saturday morning and 1 hour until tip off in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. TSNW has put 4 bets on using his account for the SCT PC. If just one of these come in, we’re going to be rolling in it!

Here they are:

Good luck to us all!!!


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8 thoughts on “Punters Club – TSNW”

  1. Ok so things didn’t go exactly to plan there. Closest we got was all but one leg. Still, great work from TSNW! Thanks mate!

    I’ve been emailing Mutley to let him know he’s up but haven’t received any responses. I sincerely hope he’s ok.

    If no response is received by Thursday, I’ll hand his turn over to Yiorgakis to punt for him. One soccer champ replacing another.



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