SC Racing – We’ve Got Prizes!

Written by Motts on October 3 2020

Thanks to an unbelievably generous donation, I’m proud to say that we’ll be offering prizes for finishing positions in the SCT Racing Group.

Before I go into what they are though, like with the SCT AFL Group you MUST have “@SCT” after your stable name in order to qualify for them.

So, here they are:

  • 1st – $150
  • 2nd – $100
  • 3rd – $50

So if you haven’t already, join the ‘SCT Racing Group’ today. The code is: 907361.

Please join me in thanking our anonymous donor. It’s community members like him that make this site such a freaking joy to run.

Good luck!



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4 thoughts on “SC Racing – We’ve Got Prizes!”

  1. Big thanks to our donor! I am thankful I managed to find this site many years ago as the community has been really welcoming and supportive.
    Don’t know if I would be still doing supercoach if it wasn’t for this site!



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