R21 Progress Scores

Written by MJ on August 15 2014

Are you facing a few finals in Week 2? Do you have the week off?

Score / No. of Players / Captain


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19 thoughts on “R21 Progress Scores”

  1. 263/3/Pendles(JPK VC)
    Playing for overall rank, suppose I made the right decision to hold Bartel and play Bews given my potential trade-in Simpson only scored 24 more


  2. 182/2/Ward(Buddy VC)

    Was going to play McGovern on field over Motlop, but decided to go with Motlop :(. Would have loved to loophole but was unable to with Ambrose (F8) being named.

    Have 2 trades left, what are people’s thoughts on going
    OUT: Shenton(M10) / Cotchin(M8)
    IN:Mid Fwd DPP Rookie / Rockliff
    Will leave bench cover as: Def: Hurn, Gardiner / MID: Non playing DPP mid fwd & mid def/ RUCK: None FWD: Mcgovern

    Pros: Rocky over Cotchin should net about 20 points per game.
    Cons: No trades left – could be costly if sandi or nic nat goes down.

    Going for Rank over League
    T/U – Good trade Idea
    T/D – Hold trades


  3. Big question:

    I’ve got Caddy as sub, want to bank his 136.

    But which mid would you take out, choices are:
    C Ward, D Beams, T Libba, D Mundy, M Barlow, B Goddard

    Leaning towards Libba at this stage… appreciate comments


  4. 217 / VC of Joel (nearly took off to give VC to Buddy or Parker) / Pendles C

    Week off, but Selwood & Murphy provided good start & hope to get 2450+ for overall ranking.


  5. 310 / 3 / Fyfe (VC Buddy)

    Week off but pushing for another rise up the rankings.
    Bartel, Johnson and Roughy all on the pine hurts, however Caddy with a 140 is massive!


  6. 287 / 3 / Beams (VC Buddy)

    Just Selwood, Murphy and Simpson last night. Playing Robbo this week in only one elimination final this week while I wait for my prelims next week, and I might have a good chance given that Robbo has two donuts on field compared to my one (Roughead and Johnson compared to only Bartel for me).

    Could be interesting now…


  7. 170 / 2 / Pendlebury (Buddy VC)

    Fortunately, depth in the squad allowed Bews’ 35 to stay firmly on the pine with his Geelong colleague, Bartel.


  8. Playing Robbo this week and had pretty much given up, but the ridiculous injury toll has given me an outside chance.
    Me: Higgins + Suckling + 285 points, vs
    Him: Fyfe + Libba + Hodge + Birchall
    Still not expecting to get up, but given what’s already happened this weekend, who knows?


    Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne
    One late change: Jack Macrae replaced by Jarrad Grant
    Bulldogs: Daniel Giansiracusa
    North: Leigh Adams

    Not great for the doggies losing Macrae


  10. I changed captain at the last minute to Josh Kennedy 🙁


    This is a round that will live on in infamy, with the injuries and late outs.

    I hope Jack Macrae has told them he wants a new team next year.

    Best player all season, yet on more than one occassion omitted on a whim.

    I guess it makes no difference in what is already a week of carnage…… especially as I had the bye in all 5 finals 🙂

    Lucky I reversed those trades when I realised. Beams and Kennedy and two trades….. serendipity.



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