Rare Gems – Round 12

Written by The Salamander on August 14 2020

Player Name (Other Position) (Club, Price, Average, Ownership, Matches Remaining)



Luke Ryan (FRE, $558,500, 101, 3.4%, 7)

Technically just outside the usual Rare Gems cutoff, Ryan has been flying completely under the radar this year, despite having put together a superb SuperCoach season thus far. With Fremantle already having had their bye, he’s a great option for anyone looking to bring in a premium defender.


Jarryd Lyons (BL, $603,000, 117, 2.0%, 6)

Another strong performer who has flown under the radar (as he always does) is Jarryd Lyons. Unfortunately, the Lions haven’t yet had their bye, which is a shame, because Lyons otherwise has a lot to recommend about him.


Peter Ladhams (FWD) (PTA, $417,400, 98, 1.6%, 6)

Having managed to hold his spot despite Lycett’s return, Ladhams potentially becomes a very interesting FWD/RUC swing option. The biggest risk is that Port eases Lycett back into the ruck, gradually seeing Ladhams get fewer and fewer ruck minutes. Well, that, and the fact that Port is yet to have its bye.

Honourable mention: Tim English (WB, $507,500, 106, 7.6%, 6)

I know, yet another pre-bye player. Finding rare post-bye gems proved surprisingly difficult this week. Anyway, with Gawn out, many people will be shopping for a replacement, and English presents good value here. It’s also worth noting that there is every chance Gawn will miss next round’s Dogs/Demons clash.


Charlie Dixon (PTA, $471,600, 97, 1.7%, 6)

A lot of people try to avoid key forwards due to their inconsistency, but with at least three rounds of best-18 scoring to come, that up-and-down scoring could actually be an asset: if he scores 180, it boosts your score; if he scores 30, it doesn’t make the best 18 and has no effect at all.


Know of any rare gems that have already had their bye? Please let us know about them in the comments below!


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4 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 12”

  1. Ryan has been brought in this week to join Lyons and Williams as my other PODs doing well.
    Lyons is almost acting like Neale at Freo, where Neale is now Fyfe


  2. Doesn’t really meet the criteria of a rare gem…but certainly a POD.

    Luke Parker can be a little up and down, but last nights game highlights how important he is for Sydney and how easily he can make 100 each week.

    Goes about his business, disposes well, tackles well.


    1. And no JPK anytime soon. No one to steal his points (looking at you WCE midfield)

      Made it an easy decision to bring him in.


  3. Thank Sal

    I just wanted to give a shout out to a guy in my Draft side who could be one of the Rarest Gems of all. I wasn’t going to bother, as unfortunately he has the dreaded R15 Bye. Although it seems we all get a week off League play that round anyway,so he may still be worth a shot.

    So here’s my Rare Gem, Trent Dumond.

    Trent Who ?

    Trent Dumond. Plays for North.

    Owned by 630 very smart / lucky coaches.

    He opened the year @$455.100.00

    He has averaged 107.2 since then.

    With a 5 round average of 125.6

    With Cunnington out ( now for the year) and Simpkin down on form.This guy’s getting all the points at North Melbourne.

    He is now $577.500 and Projected to score 140 this round.

    If he does go that big….

    I’m not sure he is worth a punt, but…

    Those that started him have got themselves an extremely “Rare Gem” indeed !

    Thanks again Sal, for the mountain of work you are getting through.




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