Rare Gems – Round 5

Written by The Salamander on July 9 2020

Player Name (Other Position) (Club, Price, Average, Ownership)



Brad Sheppard (WCE, $478,600, 95.6, 0.6%)

First up this week, a warning: Sheppard had a similarly good start to the season last year, and then went on to average 84. Prior to last year, his highest average across his career was 77. At 29, even in this most unusual of seasons, it’s hard to see that changing.

Admiral Ackbar knows what's up.

Callum Mills (SYD, $476,200, 97.2, 1.7%)

Having threatened to break out for the last few seasons, could this be the year? At 23, he’ll be right on schedule if it is.


Jack Steele (STK, $558,400, 117.6, 1.2%)

Another player who has been threatining to break out who might just be finally doing so. At 24, and playing in a rising St. Kilda side, all the signs are looking up.

Travis Boak (PTA, $628,700, 123.8, 2.7%)

Like Sheppard, Boak started last year in similar fashion, Also like Sheppard, he didn’t keep it up. This is not necessarily to say he couldn’t maintain a triple-figure average (he averaged 107 last year, for example), but at nearly 32, and at $628K, I can’t see any reason to bring him in over the alternatives.


Andrew Phillips (ESS, $403,100, 110, 0.4%)

I wouldn’t normally hand out a Rare Gems gong after just one game, but scoring 110 against Grundy is no mean feat. At just over $400K, he’s probably a bit awkwardly priced for anything except an injury-replacement trade, but if he can hold his spot, and his body holds up, the ex-Blue could certainly make some cash while also bringing in points.


Tom Hawkins (GEEL, $490,200, 101.8, 1.4%)

A tough couple of matches in the next two weeks against Brisbane and Collingwood will be a real test, but thus far, Hawkins has only scored below 94 once this year.


Are there any rare gems you’re eyeing off for your own team? Let us know in the comments below!


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16 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 5”

  1. When you’re so rare that the rare gems article misses you..

    Mitch Duncan $600,100, 118.8, 1.1% (1,811 owners)
    2020 season – 120, 114, 123, 120, 117

    Luke Parker $588,400, 115.4, 1% (1,641 owners)
    2020 season – 125, 109, 113, 120, 110

    How are these two not in more teams?!?!?!?!


    1. I’d say Duncan is in less due to the names of Selwood, Danger, Ablett are more known so he just does his thing week in week out. Also doesn’t really score large like a 150 so less jump on him.
      Really hope he makes AA team this year


      1. Probably the best/most consistent winger in the comp at the moment though Hugh McLuggage is rising.


    1. I was nearly going to include Shiel with my Duncan and Parker post but there’s too great a variance in his scoring for me but I definitely see his appeal.

      $566,400 at an avg 124 with 2.3% ownership

      Cheaper than Duncan and Parker with a higher season avg too.

      Scores of 163, 96, 81, 156

      The 156 was without Zerrett in the team too. Not sure what to take from that. Shiel could win you a H2H if he pumps out a big score.


  2. As a Boak owner my main worry this week is obviously De Boer.

    Is there any chance he heads to Rozee or Wines or just anyone but Boak?

    T/U: Tell me I’m dreaming
    T/D: Taranto coming back pushes De Boer for a backline shutdown on Rozee


    1. Very interested to really see how De Boer goes this week as he faces a very fit Boak who has been so impressive with his presence and leadership this year after a few years of injury battles.


    1. So who is a better choice to replace Rowell?
      Tu- Steele
      Td- duncan
      Parker or Shiel or Yeo


      1. I’m leaning toward Yeo – playing at home should dramatically improve their mindset.


  3. You have been on the money with your Rare gems. Certainly a must read.
    Well done The Salamander.


    1. I agree this is a great thread each week!
      Sheppard may just be a Smokey with the injuries that WetToast have this year…



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