Rate My AFLW Fantasy Team

Written by The Salamander on January 27 2021

This thread is for both general ‘rate my team’ style discussion, as well as the discussion of general tactics, stats, particular players, etc.


Reminder that the Round 1 lockout is at 6:15 PM AEDT on January 28th.


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7 thoughts on “Rate My AFLW Fantasy Team”

  1. Some initial thoughts:

    • Remember when the three golden rules of SuperCoach were:

    1. Pick Gary Ablett,
    2. Make Gary Ablett Captain, and
    3. Never forget the first two rules?

    Well, for the last couple of years, the golden rules of AFLW Fantasy have been much the same, with Kiara Bowers taking the role of Gary Ablett.

    • In the past, Erin Phillips has averaged over 200 when fit. Last year, due to her coming off an ACL injury she sustained in the 2019 Grand Final, she averaged a bit over half that, and is now priced accordingly.

    • A look at the players who missed all of last year: https://womens.afl/news/52921/remember-me-the-stars-returning-for-2021

    • • One thing to remember with these players is that unlike SC, they aren’t discounted for missing games, so there isn’t necessarily a huge amount of raw points-per-dollar-spent value in most of them, but it’s worth looking at just so you’re aware of how other players’ roles might change from last year.

    • Although there’s no official pre-season competition, some of the clubs played practice matches. Here’s a summary: https://womens.afl/news/55794/practice-matches-pies-stun-roos-dees-and-lions-impress.

    • • The above report notes that Carlton forwards Darcy Vescio and Georgia Gee (both $35K) spent a lot more time in the midfield during the Blues’ practice match. If that continues into the regular season, and at this point that is still an “if”, then expect their numbers to soar.

    EDIT: Jess Hosking is being trialled as a forward in order to help enable that move: https://womens.afl/news/54521/surprising-position-change-on-the-cards-for-gun-blue. So it’s less of an “if”, and more of an “if it lasts.” But Vescio and Gee are definitely two to look very seriously at now.

    • A look at this season’s draftees: https://womens.afl/news/52596/your-club-s-draft-all-you-need-to-know-about-the-57-new-faces

    • • #1 pick Ellie McKenzie ($30K) should slot straight into the Tigers’ engine room, where they need all the help they can get.

    • • The above article suggests Carlton draftee Mimi Hill ($20K) should slot into the midfield position vacated by Chloe Dalton (Olympic commitments), in which case she should present excellent value for money.

    • A look at last season’s trade period: https://womens.afl/news/51723/sign-and-trade-period-winners-and-losers-who-smashed-it-

    • Stats can be found at https://womens.afl/stats. I’ll try and upload some more past stats here later on, too.


    1. Give it two weeks for the cobwebs to be blown out (10 months without a game will leave anyone rusty) – you might be pleasantly surprised.


  2. Hi Salamander – great work on getting this back up again this year. Big ask, but will you be posting player scores for each game like last year? Or is it planned for the ShePlays site? Cheers, Stephen



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